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Neighbours spoilers: Disaster as Jane suffers nasty accident

The surprise discovery of the spy cam nestled within the teddy bear in Neighbours threw everything into disarray at No. 32. But things are about to become a whole lot worse when Jane (Annie Jones) has a horrific accident while attempting to help.

When Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) discovered a camera disguised in her infant daughter’s soft toy, she was frightened. Accusations were flying all around the business before anyone understood what was going on. She was convinced that the camera was placed on her because Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takaya Honda) were so intent on bringing in the lawyers in the custody battle. The boys, on the other hand, adamantly disputed this.

Now the trio must once again work through a major disagreement. After having to deal with so much already, it’s a big ask. They decide to postpone Isla’s naming day since none of them are in the mood to rejoice as they try to put this latest occurrence behind them.

Jane (Annie Jones) believes they are making a grave error and attempts to persuade Nic otherwise. Nic is irritated by her mother’s intrusion and lashes out at her for sticking her nose where it isn’t wanted. Jane is left feeling totally dreadful as a result of the encounter, but she resolves to rise above it for the sake of her kid.

But not nearly enough to let it go. She can’t shake the feeling that Nic and the lads will be remorseful for cancelling the naming ceremony, and she’s not about to give in.

She enlists Chloe’s assistance in planning a big surprise for the parents, but it’s one that no one wants and is unlikely to go down well.

Unfortunately for Jane, it doesn’t even go that far. Instead, she makes a terrible error that leads to a deadly accident while secretly setting up for the party. Jane is left unconscious, her life dwindling away until she is discovered by Leo (Tim Kano). He hurries her to the hospital, where she will be treated for her injuries. When Nicolette learns what has happened to her mother, she rushes to her side, feeling terrible. Is Jane ever going to wake up and give Nic a chance to put things right?

Scenes will premiere on Channel 5 on Monday, November 22nd.


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