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Neighbours Spoilers – Freya admits to manipulating Levi

Freya explains that she was only “dating” Levi because of his skills as a police officer next week on Neighbours, but the news causes him to sink deeper into her web of deceit.

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, February 14th, and in Australia on Wednesday, February 23rd.

Levi’s love life has been a roller coaster recently.

He broke up with Bea (Bonnie Anderson) just days before leaving town, and then he found himself falling for Amy (Jacinta Stapleton). He wasn’t alone, though, and he quickly found himself in a polyamorous relationship with Amy and Ned (Ben Hall). Despite the fact that the three were always friendly, there was always a rivalry amongst the lads.

He met Felicity (Isabella Giovinazzo), a lively firefighter with a golden heart, just when he believed things couldn’t get much worse. Unfortunately, when she found out about his unusual love life, she turned him down and left him high and dry — with a side of crabs!

So Levi was apprehensive when he met the intriguing Freya Wozniak (Phoebe Roberts) at the Flamingo Bar disaster scene. Despite this, it didn’t take long for the two to fall in love; whether it was Freya’s charm or Levi’s need to be loved, a nice connection seemed to be forming between the two.

Unfortunately for Levi, it appears that his heart may be broken once more, and far sooner than he expected. Freya is concealing a secret, and as it begins to unravel, Levi may find himself in jeopardy.

It all started last week when the two came close to kissing during a cricket match on Ramsay Street. Freya had other plans when Levi planned to take her for a joyride in a police car.

Roxy caught her while searching for information on the police computer. She claimed she was just looking up her own name for fun to see if the cops had anything on her, but Roxy isn’t convinced she can be trusted.

She couldn’t, in actuality. She was seeking for a ‘Gareth Bateman,’ who we can only assume is the mysterious guy, her purported cousin, whom she had been hunting for since arriving in Erinsborough.

Despite Freya’s admission to Levi that she had searched the police database, Roxy was sceptical and planned a girls’ day out with Freya before sneaking into her home. Roxy was apprehended red-handed before she could find anything.

Freya decided to put a stop to things after learning that Levi’s friends were sniffing around in her business. Levi, on the other hand, didn’t take long to try again, this time equipped with honesty. While the officer was able to enchant the newcomer, Freya realised that by stringing him along, she was hurting him and resolved to come clean.

Freya eventually opens up to an unsuspecting Levi next week in the UK (Monday 14th February / Wednesday 23rd February in Australia). She eventually acknowledges that she’s been deceiving him all along. For weeks, she’s been lying to him and stringing him along in order to gain some assistance with her hunt.

When he looks back, he sees all the warning signs he missed: she pushed him away when Roxy came too close, she arranged a ‘joy ride’ in his patrol car purely so she could play with the police database, and she drew away when he moved to kiss her.

Levi is heartbroken. Roxy pushes Kyle to take Levi out to help him get over Freya in an attempt to smooth things over. However, Levi appears to have been severely harmed as a result of Freya’s manipulation. It’s yet another crushing blow to the cop, whose love life continues to sway in the breeze while those around him prosper.

As the week draws to a close, viewers will witness Levi make a decision that could impact his life forever on Friday (UK: 18th February / Aus: Wednesday 2nd March).

Despite Levi’s determination to make a clean break from Freya, he is concerned that she will remain in Erinsborough until she has located her “relative.” He needs to assist her in her search for Gareth if he wants to get rid of her from his life.

Levi continues exploring after realising there may be more to the storey than meets the eye, and what he discovers astounds him.

Whatever it is, Levi has been lured deeper into Freya’s web, and things appear to be going awry…


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