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Neighbours spoilers: Freya attacks Roxy as she closes in on the truth

Roxy (Zima Anderson) has a lot of suspicions about Freya (Phoebe Roberts) and is doing everything she can to protect her. Levi (Richie Morris) is too enamoured with Roxy to spot the problem, but Roxy isn’t stupid, and she’s out to prove it in Neighbours.

To understand Freya’s secrets, Roxy needs to get closer to her. To accomplish this, she organises a girls’ day out in order to get Freya alone, and she takes advantage of the chance to bombard her with questions in the name of ‘getting to know her.’ Roxy is irritated even more by Freya’s lack of response. Freya’s caginess almost confirms Roxy’s suspicions: she is concealing something.

With the answers not forthcoming, Roxy decides she has to go to Plan B. Plan B involves her putting herself at huge risk and breaking several laws in the process – not Roxy’s forte. She breaks into Freya’s flat to have a good old rummage, hoping to find the key to her mystery once and for all. Unfortunately for Roxy, she is not a seasoned crook and she lasts approximately five minutes before Freya catches her red-handed and tackles her to the ground.

With Roxy pinned and her secret still intact, what will Freya do to keep her intruder quiet? How will Roxy get out of this one?


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