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Neighbours spoilers: Gareth beats Aaron to death as David moves on with Dean?

In Neighbours, Aaron’s (Matt Wilson) heroics appear to be his undoing when he tries to free Freya (Phoebe Roberts) from the hands of a gun-wielding Gareth in an epic fight.

With Dean’s condition putting a rift between Aaron and David (Takaya Honda), the party sets out for River Bend, thinking that the break will help them repair some damage. They have no idea that things are about to get a whole lot worse. David is enraged when Aaron accuses him of cheating with Dean, and he flatly refuses to cease being friends with him. Aaron’s lack of trust irritates him.

David is shaken by the altercation and starts to wonder what this implies for his marriage. Dean, ever-present, picks up on this and, recognising David’s fragility, believes now is the time to express his affections by kissing him.

So Aaron’s instincts were correct all along. However, he may not have enough time to discover his husband’s infidelity.

Aaron falls into a deadly predicament that will have him fighting for his life as he heads off to enjoy the River Bend excursion. Unstable Gareth arrives with a vengeance, and his first order of business is to kidnap Freya.

Aaron learns of Freya’s dilemma and attempts everything he can to save her life. When he has the opportunity while Gareth is looking the other way, he makes his move – only to be discovered by a furious Gareth shortly after. Gareth takes out a crowbar and sets about ensuring Aaron never sees the light of day again.

Aaron is in critical condition when David arrives; his injuries are so severe that he may not survive the trip to the hospital. Is David ready to watch his husband die as he cradles him in his arms?

Gareth armed himself with a rifle and confronts Levi somewhere on the trip, causing more turmoil. Will Levi make it through his second run-in with the lethal weapon in as many weeks? Will Gareth be responsible for two deaths?

Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, March 7th.


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