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Neighbours Spoilers – Glen and Terese grow close, but what’s his motive?

Glen decides to stay in Erinsborough when Paul offers him a position on next week’s Neighbours in Australia. Do they both have a hidden agenda in wanting to be around each other?

Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett), Paul’s (Stefan Dennis) and Lucy Robinson’s (Melissa Bell) half-brother, fled Erinsborough in 1992 after being paralysed in an accident.

He hasn’t been seen in about 30 years, and despite the fact that he and Paul were never very close, Paul has long wondered what happened to him.

He’s still haunted by his role in Glen’s paralysis — Glen fell while putting up a banner on the roof of Lassiters, and when Paul learned that the hotel’s insurance had expired, he tried to pay him off so he wouldn’t sue.

The Official Neighbours YouTube Channel has prepared a video that reminds us of Glen’s storey, which you can see above.

Paul caught a glimpse of his long-lost half-brother seated on a bench in the distance as the Lassiters Worldwide Summit got underway in Queensland last week. Glen had fled by the time Paul got to where he was sitting, but Paul was determined to find him, even enlisting the help of his private detective.

Glen was next seen on the beach, when he ran across Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), who had succumbed to a hip-flask of vodka after having to cope with her marriage’s breakdown. He assisted her up and back to the hotel while she was alone and in tears.

Paul, Lucy, and Glen were soon reunited, and Glen was taken aback by Paul’s delight at seeing him. Terese, on the other hand, is disappointed when she learns Glen’s true identity, especially because he kept it disguised when he realised who she was.

Terese is completely incorrect in her assumption that returning to Erinsborough implies leaving Glen behind. Glen returns to Erinsborough for the first time in three decades in next week’s episodes, and Terese is baffled as to what has drawn him back.

Glen isn’t exactly a fan of Paul, as she quickly discovers. He still harbours a lot of anger, despite the fact that he’s been gone for 30 years… So, why is he back now? Worse, he’s pretending to be pleasant in front of Paul and only displaying his genuine sentiments when he talks to Terese — is there anything he’s planning?

“Terese is astonished, and sceptical, to meet Glen,” Rebekah reveals to TV Week. Why is he here, she knows how he feels about Paul? Is it possible that she had something to do with it?”

Glen tells Terese that he and his brother have some unfinished business. Despite the fact that Paul has harmed her, he believes the two have a lot in common and wishes to learn more about her.

“Given that they’ve both been harmed in the past,” Richard told TV Week, “he feels a great affinity with her.”

Glen, on the other hand, quickly irritates Terese by continually berating Paul and making comments about her marriage.

She finds his interest in her marriage unusual, and while she enjoys his company, his insistence on talking about Paul irritates her when all she truly wants is some time away from her spouse.

She quickly realises, however, that she and Glen share more than simply a dislike for Paul Robinson.

Terese understands she needs to go back into AA meetings after falling off the waggon in Queensland, and she heads to the community centre for a session.

Glen, a familiar figure, greets her there, and she learns that he, too, has struggled with alcohol.

Rebekah adds, “Knowing that they share something in common strengthens their connection even more.” Will their common difficulties be enough to keep them together, even if Glen serves as another more reminder of Paul’s wrongdoing?

Meanwhile, Paul is overjoyed to be reunited with his half-brother and is determined to keep him in Erinsborough. He asks Leo (Tim Kano) to offer him a position at the vineyard, oblivious to the fact that Glen is recovering from alcoholism and that a vineyard isn’t exactly the best location for him to work.

Glen accepts the position and promises Terese that it would not be an issue because he is in charge. He’s concerned that Paul has a hidden agenda, but the employment chance is too tempting to pass up, especially since he has some unfinished business of his own.


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