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Neighbours Spoilers – Glen comes to the rescue of a drunk Terese

Glen’s comeback on Neighbours in the UK and Australia throws shockwaves through Paul and Lucy’s worlds, while Terese takes to the bottle!

These episodes will air in Australia this week, and in the UK on Friday, November 12th.

Fans of Neighbours have been waiting for this moment for a year!

Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett) is expected to stroll back into the lives of Paul (Stefan Dennis) and Lucy Robinson (Melissa Bell) after a 30-year absence.

The storey begins when Paul and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), an estranged spouse, are compelled to collaborate on a presentation for the 2021 Lassiters Worldwide Summit.

Although general manager Terese understands it’s part of the job, she’s becoming tired of Paul using it as a pretext to get close to her, especially since he owns the business.

The two are getting ready to fly to the sunshine state of Queensland for the conference in scenes that aired at the end of last week in Australia, and it’s almost time to depart. Paul’s inquiry about her transportation is met with silence; she’s arranged her own and doesn’t want to talk about it any further.

Paul is clearly in pain, and his love for her is unwavering. Terese, on the other hand, has been stung by the unscrupulous businessman one too many times. Paul departs No. 22 with his tail between his legs and prepares to travel alone to Queensland.

Terese rushes to the kitchen and pulls a silver flask and a bottle of vodka from the paper bag she had carefully placed behind a pillow as soon as Paul walks out the front door. The strain that has been building over the past three weeks has now reached a breaking point, and Terese is beginning to crack.

When the two arrive to the Queensland resort, in different cars, Lucy greets them and is overjoyed to see both of them. She notices their antagonism right once, but she has no choice but to warn them that the presentation lineup has changed — they are now the first speakers, and their presentation has to be tweaked.

Paul goes to Terese’s room to discuss their strategy, but she quickly clarifies that they will not be working on the reconciliation together. They conclude that the best method is to divide and conquer — she will take one part and he will take the other.

However, there is awkwardness when Paul says that a showcase of the Lassiters patio is part of her portion — they spent an important time in their relationship on that terrace, so he would understand if she wanted to avoid bringing up bad memories by giving it up.

Terese, ever the fighter, continues to fight. When she sits down to write her updates, however, she is troubled by flashbacks to their vows made on the balcony in March 2020.

All it takes is the clever businesswoman’s recollections to send her over the brink. She takes the bottle of vodka out of her bag and pours it into the flask. She takes the first taste a few seconds later, after a visit from Lucy!

Terese’s conference experience appears to be about to get a bit simpler. Following the presentation, which Lucy reports went extremely well, Paul books a flight back to Melbourne to give his wife some time away from him. He shouts out to Terese as she leaves the hotel for the beach, but she ignores him.

Suddenly, he notices something from his balcony. A person seated on a wooden park bench, peering intently at the hotel. The face appears to be a relic from the past.

Paul rushes downstairs and discovers the bench he was looking for. It is currently uninhabited. With everything going on in his thoughts, he starts to question whether his eyes are playing tricks on him.

Paul goes directly to his sister Lucy, needing to talk to someone about it, and drops the bombshell of a lifetime — he believes he has just seen their half-brother Glen!

“Paul, Glen can’t even walk.” Lucy informs Paul that if he were in a wheelchair, he’d be in a wheelchair. This is why she doesn’t believe him.

Despite the fact that Paul is aware of this, he believes Glen is in Cairns.

Paul’s sister grows increasingly irritated as he attempts to persuade her. It’s one thing to find a reason to stay and annoy Terese, but using their paralysed and estranged half-brother to explain his non-departure is a step too far… even for Paul!

“I swear, I saw him,” Paul assures his younger sister. “I’m going to stay here until I find our brother.”

While Lucy continues to doubt her brother, it appears that he understands what he’s talking about. Lucy is unaware to Glen’s presence in the distance, watching her while she waits for Paul to emerge from Lassiters.

Meanwhile, down at the beach, Terese appears to be taking her drinking to the next level, in images that will be seen in Australia on Monday, November 8th, and in the UK on Monday, November 15th.

She finishes her flask of vodka, desperate and alone. She swigs away at the sight of her wedding band, which has remained a strong fixture on her left hand throughout her marital difficulties.

She finally summons the guts to remove the wedding band. It’s a watershed moment for the lady who has battled valiantly to be with the man she loves despite being repeatedly harmed.

But when a knight in sparkling armour appears and consoles her, she finally experiences the warmth she craves.

The knight happens to be her brother-in-law Glen, but Terese has no idea who he really is at this time! Glen, on the other hand, has no idea that Terese is married to Paul, mistaking her for a colleague at the conference.

Richard previously told TV Week, “It’s disturbing for a woman to be alone and inebriated on the beach.” “I believe that anyone with a shred of ethics would assist someone in need.” Glen pity for her and wanted to bring her back to the safety of her hotel room with the greatest of intentions.”

Terese, on the other hand, is enraged when she learns that he is Paul’s half-brother. She’s doing everything she can to escape her husband, and now she’s up against another Robinson!

Glen soon finds himself in the beachfront Lassiters hotel, where he meets the brother who hung him out to dry and the half-sister with whom he previously had a fling.

It’s the first time they’ve seen one other in three decades, and there are a slew of questions to be answered, like how he’s suddenly walking when he was last seen in a wheelchair. Also, why did he go missing for 30 years, and what motivated him to reconcile with his family?

With no lack of drama – either back then or now – one thing is certain: Glen’s comeback will ignite nothing but pyrotechnics across the Robinson clan’s life, and will almost certainly disrupt the fabric of their relationships forever!

And he doesn’t appear to be leaving anytime soon…


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