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Neighbours Spoilers – Glen is a suspect after Terese’s roof fall

We’ll find out if Terese survived her rooftop fall when Neighbours returns to UK and Australian screens on Monday 3rd January, as the Robinsons continue to turn on Glen.

Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett) slipped and fell from the top of a considerably smaller Lassiters some 30 years ago.

The fall left him paralysed from the waist down, confined him to a wheelchair, and Paul (Stefan Dennis) worried that his half-brother would file a lawsuit against the hotel.

Glen chose to leave Erinsborough for forever after his already poor relationship with Paul completely broke down, and his estranged family didn’t hear from him for the next three decades.

He resurfaced in late 2021 at the Lassiters Worldwide Summit in Queensland.

He pretended that his attendance at the conference was purely coincidental, and he appeared pleased to meet his half-siblings Lucy (Melissa Bell) and Paul again. He returned to Erinsborough immediately, accepting Paul’s offer of a position at Leo’s (Tim Kano) vineyard, relocating to a room at Lassiters, and appearing to want to establish bridges.

Glen, on the other hand, quickly revealed that he still held a grudge towards Paul – had he come in pursuit of vengeance? He also appeared smitten with Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), whom he had spotted walking drunk and alone on the Queensland hotel’s beach.

We learned in the latter weeks of last year that Glen had struggled with alcoholism, which provided him with a common ground with Terese.

Furthermore, he discovered her wedding ring on a Queensland beach and had been keeping it stashed in the safe of his Lassiters hotel. He’d also been attempting to prevent Terese from reconnecting with Paul, and it appears he’ll go to any length to keep them apart.

Terese concluded 2021 on the verge of experiencing the same accident that had befallen Glen all those years before.

Her cries echoed out to put the 2021 season of Neighbours to an end as she closed the year hanging to the roof of Lassiters – now many floors higher owing to three decades of repairs and additions.

It’s a race against time to save her when we return on Monday, January 3rd.

Paul and Glen, who are safely on the ground many storeys below, hear Terese’s screams and glance up to find her clinging to life. Glen is terrified and afraid to face the rooftop as a result of his accident, so Paul must rush into the hotel to save his estranged wife.

Terese has just enough strength to hold on to the precarious ledge as Paul limps into the hotel, patiently waits for the elevator, ascends 20 stories – crossing his fingers that no other guests press the ‘Up’ button from another floor – and arrives at the rooftop pool just in time to drag her to safety!

Harlow (Jemma Donovan) is already missing, and Terese appears to have been abandoned on the roof soon before she slipped and fell.

Terese isn’t sure how she feels about her hero in shining armour. On the one hand, she still resents Paul for all of the ruses he’s pulled during their marriage, but on the other, he’s just saved her life, and the relief on his face is evident – he’d be devastated if she’d fallen.

If there’s one thing she knows for certain, it’s Paul’s love for her. Is that enough to make her forgive him?

She also has to deal with the reality that her friends and family now know she’s been drinking, and she’s embarrassed to see them at Paul’s luxury apartment.

Paul chooses to give Terese some room to contemplate what has just transpired, but he finds it difficult to maintain his distance when all he wants is to reclaim her. Terese’s burgeoning connection with Glen aggravates the situation, and he begins to resent the attention his half-brother lavishes on her.

When Glen finds Terese getting wine delivered to Number 22 at the end of the week (UK: Friday 7th January / Aus: Mon 10th January), the two get even closer. He spends the evening with her, giving a friendly ear… and perhaps hoping for more. Determined not to let her slip back into a dark place, he spends the evening with her, lending a friendly ear… and perhaps hoping for more.

They’re both shocked at how well they get along, and it’s evident that they’re developing chemistry as they play cards and talk about their lives. Will Terese be forced to pick between Paul and one of his close relatives again, especially since her connection with Leo is still relatively new?

Glen isn’t the only one who is keeping an eye on him. Harlow has had her doubts about him since he arrived in town, and at the end of last year, she even went snooping in his hotel room.

She’s even more confident that Glen is hiding something significant now that she’s hired John Wong (Harry Tseng) to dig up dirt on him. She returns to his hotel room for a second attempt, desperate to find out what’s in his safe.

When Glen returns to his hotel room, he discovers Terese’s wedding ring has mysteriously disappeared! He’s aware that Harlow snooped in his room towards the end of last year, and he’s worried that she’s figured out his secret.

Is he about to be discovered?


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