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Neighbours Spoilers – Kiri learns that Glen is her dad

The truth about Kiri’s parentage will be revealed next week on Neighbours in the UK, while Paul’s meddling drives Glen and Terese closer.

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, May 9th, and in Australia on Wednesday, June 8th.

Glen (Richard Huggett) has been keeping Kiri’s (Gemma Bird Matheson) biological father a secret for weeks.

When Harlow (Gemma Donovan) hired John Wong (Harry Tseng) to check into Glen’s background, he learned the truth. Glen paid John to preserve the secret, but for the first time in decades, it made him think about his secret daughter.

He made the decision to go to the River Bend resort and see Kiri in person – all the while keeping his true motivations disguised. The trip, however, put in motion a chain of circumstances that led to her falling in love with Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes), relocating to Ramsay Street, and accepting a job at the vineyard.

His secret was suddenly a lot more difficult to keep hidden.

Kiri’s mother, Barbara (Wendy Mocke), surprised her at the vineyard last week, and Kiri was eager for her new friends to meet her. Glen was compelled to claim he already made plans with Paul to get out of it because she invited her best friends to dinner.

Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) discovered him sitting alone at The Waterhole and became even more certain that he was concealing something.

Glen learns from John Wong that Nicolette has been delving into his past this week (UK: Wednesday 4th May / Aus: Thursday 2nd June). Nicolette is confident that he is concealing something significant, and she is determined to discover what it is.

Glen feels like the walls are closing in on him, knowing it’s only a matter of time until his secret is revealed.

Lucy Robinson (Melissa Bell) has also returned to town following the Fashion Week debacle, and Nic quickly discovers that Lucy and Glen are good friends. She interrogates her relentlessly, and she quickly discovers that Glen has an ex-wife named Karen.

Nicolette intends to find down Karen, despite the irony that she is growing more infatuated with Glen than Glen is with Kiri.

Nicolette travels to Mallacoota, a six-hour drive away, in quest of Glen’s ex in next week’s episodes (UK: Tuesday 10th May / Aus: Thursday 9th June).

Her journey is well worth it when she learns that Glen was friends with a couple who had a daughter named Kiri, and the puzzle pieces start to fit together.

Paul applies pressure to John Wong, who eventually breaks down and tells him the truth about Glen and Kiri’s relationship.

Paul is out for blood, and he rushes to the vineyard, where he informs Kiri that Glen is her father, oblivious to the implications of his actions.

She’s taken aback; all she thought she knew about her parents has now been shattered.

The news spreads quickly, and Kiri and the whole of Ramsay Street discover that Glen is her biological father. Kiri (April Rose Pengilly) seeks help from Chloe (April Rose Pengilly), but Nicolette refuses to accept responsibility for her crimes.

Following the revelation, Barbara returns to Erinsborough. Her journey provides answers to some of Kiri’s many questions, but nothing can provide her comfort.

She is enraged when she finds that someone has spoken to Alan, the man she has always assumed is her father, and she suspects it is Glen.

Glen checks in with her, and they finally have a chance to talk when she breaks down. Are father and daughter beginning to rekindle their relationship?

As if things weren’t awful enough, the news reaches Alan, the man who has always thought Kiri was his daughter. Kiri first holds Glen responsible, and it appears like the father and daughter will never be able to connect.

Kiri eventually discovers that Terese was the one who spoke to Alan and apologises to him, but she isn’t ready to forgive him yet.

Kiri stays behind, reluctant to face Alan, as Barbara leaves to save her marriage. Her ‘daddy issues’ appear to be far from over…

It’s unclear what Paul wanted to gain by revealing his half-secret, brother’s but it backfires badly.

When Glen is at his lowest, he turns to Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), and the two share a frank heart-to-heart that puts them closer than they’ve ever been.

Glen no longer feels the need to keep his half-brother on his side after Paul’s shocking move, and he and Terese finally give in to the attraction that has been growing for months…

When Paul feels bad, he goes over to Glen to apologise, only to discover him and Terese in the midst of a passionate affair.

He’s shocked to learn that he was the one who forced them together!


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