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Neighbours spoilers: Leo’s shocking crime after Britney’s death?

This week on Neighbours, Leo (Tim Kano) is dealing with the aftermath of Britney’s (Montana Cox) death in the horrific wedding day storm.

The wedding day of Roxy (Zima Anderson) and Kyle (Chris Milligan) was full of highs and lows, with the high being that the couple ultimately made it down the aisle and spoke their vows.

The lowest point was when Leo’s lover Britney’s life was brutally cut short when the Flamingo Bar collapsed.

While some managed to escape with their lives — Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) was one of those who came dangerously near to death – Britney was not so fortunate. Leo now has to deal with not only life without her, but also being a single father to their baby Abigail.

After her untimely death, Leo becomes a shell of himself, feeling completely lost and pushing people away. He doesn’t have time to mourn, though, because Abigail needs him. He’s lost his lover, and she’s lost her mother; now, more than ever, they need each other. Instead, he prefers to go it alone, and that mindset may be the spark for yet another calamity.

Trying to be a good parent while dealing with his sadness is nearly difficult. Britney’s death is the only thing on his mind as he struggles to keep it together.

He reaches the fury stage as he proceeds through the stages, and he decides to sue the hotel. His loved ones try everything they can to persuade him not to do it, but it’s futile. He is unconcerned about anything else and seeks retribution for her death — someone will be held responsible.

And that someone could very well be Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou). Leo feels her entirely accountable, and his animosity of her, combined with his other responsibilities, is forcing him to burn out.

This, in addition to everything else, indicates that he is not thinking clearly. He is incapable of being a father. When you can’t focus on anything, the worst happens. Every parent’s worst nightmare has come true. What will happen to Abigail, the baby?

Scenes will premiere on Channel 5 on Monday, January 24th.


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