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Neighbours Spoilers – Lives on the line for Jane and Terese!

Jane’s life hangs in the balance following a fall, as shown on Neighbours in the UK and Australia. Meanwhile, Terese might face the same fate that Glen did two decades ago if a surprise twist occurs.

On Ramsay Street, lives are in danger, and the drama is heating up as we approach the end of the year — one via neglect, and the other from sheer psychopathy!

Jane Harris (Annie Jones) has always been a role model for her community. It’s how she became “Plain Jane Superbrain” in the 1980s, after all. But it appears that she’s lost part of what made her the innocent role model of the past couple decades in recent months.

She has not only backed her daughter Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) when she ran away with a kid who was ethically not hers, but she has also blackmailed her friend Paul (Stefan Dennis). Now, her ultimate treachery has come to light.

She’s been spying on her daughter and her granddaughter’s fathers, Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David, for weeks (Takaya Honda).

Jane stood back for weeks after placing a video camera in Isla’s (Axelle Austin) teddy bear, waiting for anything to go wrong.

Nicolette just discovered the item a week ago, and she immediately blamed the lads, assuming that they didn’t trust her. Jane, on the other hand, was quickly shown to be the culprit.

Jane told her loved ones that she never saw any of the tape and that she simply did what she felt was right. After all, if Nic had ran away again, it may have revealed information about her location!

When the truth was revealed, all three were furious, wondering why Jane would do something so rash that it threatened to shatter the fragile bond they had worked so hard to create over the previous weeks.

The impact from the incident has continued this week, with the trio cancelling the naming day they had planned to commemorate their new family unit.

Jane tries to inject herself into the scenario, pressing them to go ahead, after seeing the drama and feeling sorry for her involvement in it.

Nicolette seemed to be in a tizzy once more as a result of her meddling. But in the blink of an eye, the feisty redhead launches a storm of criticism at her mother, re-stabilizing their once-shaky relationship.

Jane walks over to No. 32 and starts decorating for the naming ceremony.

Unfortunately, she overreaches while on a ladder and experiences a severe fall.

Annie tells TV Week, “Jane swiftly learns why over-50s shouldn’t climb ladders.”

Thankfully, David’s brother Leo (Tim Kano) comes over not long after and discovers her unconscious on the terrace of No. 32.

He summons an ambulance and informs her loved ones, including Nicolette, of her condition.

It’s as if everything from the previous week vanishes the instant she learns the truth. Nicolette’s only want is for her mother to be healthy and happy.

Nicolette grabs her mother’s hand as she rushes to be at her side.

“Are you able to hear me?” Mum?” She inquires, hoping to be awakened.

Is Jane going to make it?

Meanwhile, Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) is surprised when Glen (Richard Huggett) comes in Erinsborough, but that’s not all.

The two reunited last week in Queensland, with Glen also getting in touch with his estranged half siblings Paul (Stefan Dennis) and Lucy (Melissa Bell). Despite his delight at seeing Lucy, the brothers’ reunion was hardly a storybook reunion.

After all, as detailed in a video from the Neighbours YouTube page, Paul did Glen dirty 30 years ago.

Terese and Glen reunite this week, much to the dismay of Paul’s granddaughter Harlow (Jemma Donovan), who clearly wants Terese to reconcile with Paul.

When the two go to an AA meeting together, however, their friendship grows even stronger as Terese realises they have more in common than she anticipated.

Is Paul’s brother going to be his next love rival?

Terese, on the other hand, might not be around to witness it…

A inebriated Terese confronts Harlow on the top of Lassters in a new commercial now showing on Channel 5 in the United Kingdom.

We observe Terese clutching onto the hotel roof while a voiceover of Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) says, “Harlow could be turning into a psychopath.”

We hear a terrifying wail of dread when the trailer fades to dark.

Long-time watchers may recall that Glen was paralysed two decades ago after falling from the top of Lassiters.

The hotel may have risen substantially in height since then, with a tower, but Terese appears to be on the verge of suffering a destiny hilariously identical to that of her brother-in-law all those years ago!


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