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Neighbours Spoilers – Ned turns nasty as he sabotages Amy and Levi

On next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Ned devises a cunning scheme to seize Amy for himself, while Hendrix’s attempt to provide Mackenzie with the ideal night goes horribly wrong.

Ned’s (Ben Hall) suggestion that he, Amy (Jacinta Stapleton), and Levi (Richie Morris) look into a polyamorous relationship, in which Amy has two lovers at the same time, was supposed to be a simple solution to the problem of deciding which of the lads Amy should date.

However, it has only caused issues for the trio: Sheila (Colette Mann) has hurled insults at Levi and Amy, Ned believes Amy has spent too much time on Levi, and now Amy is being accused of hypocrisy after being envious of Levi’s burgeoning love for newcomer Felicity (Isabella Giovinazzo).

After all, why couldn’t he have two girlfriends if woman can have two boyfriends?

Felicity, on the other hand, does not appear to be a long-term issue.

This week, Amy inadvertently revealed that Levi had a girlfriend, and Felicity was furious at being kept in the dark about his polyamory.

Amy contacted Felicity at the end of this week’s shows and attempted to persuade her to give Levi another opportunity. She’s attempting to make things right and re-enter Levi’s good graces before being pushed away.

Felicity, on the other hand, has already determined that she does not want to pursue anything with Levi, thus Amy’s remarks are meaningless. She’s a “one guy kinda girl,” and she prefers her men to be “one female kinda guys.”

In her opinion, having a partner who is just interested in her isn’t a huge deal, and after only two dates (or, more accurately, one and a half dates) with Levi, she’s content to break things off and go on with her life.

While Amy may not have been able to persuade Felicity to give Levi another chance, Ned is confident that he can. He sees an opportunity to make everyone’s lives a little bit easier, especially his own, next week.

While he was the one who originally offered a polyamorous relationship, he only did so to avoid losing Amy, not because it was something he desired. He’s just a few months into their ‘V-shaped’ relationship, and it’s proving to be a lot more tough than he anticipated.

While he and Levi have managed to split their time with Amy rather effectively, with neither growing unduly envious of the other, he secretly wishes he could have Amy to himself and is tired of sharing her love.

Amy hasn’t been able to get her and Levi’s growing romance off her mind since Felicity arrived on the scene, and it’s starting to impair her relationship with Ned. She only talks about Levi and thinks about Levi, which makes Ned feel unwelcome.

As a result, when he runs with Felicity at The Waterhole, he chooses to become involved. She’s hesitant to talk to him at first because she knows he’s Amy’s “other guy,” but she finally gives him the benefit of the doubt – “if it means you’ll leave me alone!”

He begins, “I don’t think Levi’s as into our arrangement as you think he is.” She’s perplexed as to why he’d say that, but he assures her that Levi is a mate and that all he wants is for him to be happy. He goes on to say that he wants Amy to be happy as well…

“Do you believe she’d be content with only you?” Felicity asks, swiftly catching on to what he’s aiming at.

Ned adds that if she gives Levi another opportunity, all four of them have a decent chance of getting what they want. That’s Amy all to himself for Ned. “I suppose I’m asking for your assistance.”

Soon later, Amy is taken aback when she discovers Felicity and Levi on their third date together. She appears happy, and she believes it was her little conversation with Felicity that made the difference. Her other lover, unbeknownst to her, worked behind her back to make it happen.

Ned then organises for Amy to interrupt the date, taking his plot to the next level. She’d already decided that she wanted to get to know Felicity better – after all, he and Levi are friends, so it’s only natural that Amy and Felicity be friends as well – and Ned provides the ideal chance.

He encourages her to disrupt yet another of their dates by telling her, “You should go and say hi.” “Are you aware of how that would appear? It appears that you are fine with them being together!”

In truth, he believes that by interrupting their third date, Amy would enrage Levi and force him to realise that he can’t reasonably date Felicity while Amy is there. While Felicity is annoyed by Amy’s over-friendliness, Levi is impressed by the work she is putting in!

His first girlfriend, in his opinion, is now warming around to the concept of his dating two people at the same time.

Is Ned’s scheme going to fail horribly, or will he be able to obtain what he wants?

Hendrix, on the other hand, goes all out to prepare No. 30 for his and Mackenzie’s romantic night in. They’ve finally brought up the issue of sex after weeks of tiptoeing around one other, and they’ve agreed that they’re both ready.

Mackenzie explains that getting swept off her feet is every girl’s fantasy, and she wants it for herself. Hendrix gladly accepts the invitation and spends the afternoon setting candles, mixing elegant drinks, and preparing a charcuterie platter.

Everything is in order, and he contacts Mackenzie to say that she only has to bring “your lovely self.”

Nonetheless, despite his efforts, calamity is on the horizon!

He loses his footing as he carefully crosses the room with his freshly prepared flaming cocktails, spilling them and setting the tablecloth on fire!

His big night goes down in flames, but what happens to the former House of Trouser? Is it possible to rescue No. 30?

These episodes will begin airing on Monday, November 8th.


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