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Neighbours Spoilers – New character Freya arrives in Erinsborough

A fresh arrival on Neighbours this week piques Levi’s interest. Who is Freya Wozniak, and how did she end up in Erinsborough?

Phoebe Roberts’ new character Freya Wozniak was initially teased in November, and was characterised as “the ideal mystery girl” who “keeps her cards close to her breast.” She debuted as a new regular cast member this week, and she’s quickly living up to her enigmatic description.

With a massive storm threatening to damage the Flamingo Bar this week, Erinsborough is in shock as one of their favourites dies and others suffer serious injuries.

When Levi (Richie Morris) returns to the Flamingo Bar after cleaning up the neighbourhood, he notices a curious woman loitering around the rubble.

The woman, later identified as newbie Freya, escapes as soon as she sees the police officer, but he notices her again soon after, and this time he manages to detain her.

She comes up with a plausible explanation for why she was hanging around near the abandoned bar, and while he is no longer sceptical of her, her responses just serve to raise additional concerns in his mind.

She’s still in town, and it appears that her brief brush with Levi has left her wanting more.

Freya begins gathering tidbits of information about Levi wherever she can in the days ahead. Sheila (Colette Mann), who is happy than ever now that Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) has put an end to her polyamorous relationship, notices Freya’s lack of interest in her grandchild and decides to take action.

Levi, understandably, is irritated by his grandmother’s interference… But, because he’s already smitten with Freya, he agrees to go on a date with her when Sheila arranges it.

The two hit it off right away, and there’s a spark between them. However, something isn’t quite right, and Erinsborough’s “ultimate mystery girl” is clearly concealing something. What exactly are her genuine motives?

Later the following week, the two go on a “sexy” date, and Levi quickly tells Freya about his childhood. Her sympathy makes him fall even harder for her — Amy who? – but it soon becomes evident that she’s in town for more than a hot cop date.

Is she taking Levi for a ride, and what brought her to Erinsborough in the first place?

The commercial for Neighbours 2022 offered us our first look at Freya and provided us a few more hints about what’s in store for this enigmatic new character.

In the trailer, she and Levi are seen walking through a vineyard that was also ravaged by the storm. “I don’t know anything about you,” Levi says, and she adds, “well, maybe all of that’s about to change.”

Freya, on the other hand, is shown clutching a huge kitchen knife in the next scene. “I believed someone was attacking me,” she tells another character, her expression scared.

It appears that the newcomer’s drama will affect more than simply Levi.

Ben Hall (Ned), Jemma Donovan (Harlow), and Zima Anderson (Roxy) travelled to Healesville in the Yarra Valley in November to film scenes that will air in the coming weeks.

“They are on a quest to find out some critical information about a young woman who comes from the local region who appears to be harbouring some secrets,” the show’s Head of Communications, Kelly Davis, told local daily Star Mail at the time.

These scenes are now commonly assumed to have something to do with Freya, but what are the three attempting to discover? Is it really a good idea for Ned to become involved in Levi’s new relationship so soon after their polyamory ended?

Phoebe Roberts previously acted alongside Isabella Giovinazzo (Felicity Higgins) in the four-part miniseries Lie With Me, which was written and directed by Scott Major, who previously starred as Lucas Fitzgerald and continues to direct episodes of Neighbours.

“I am so pleased to be joining the Ramsay St family,” Phoebe remarked of joining the cast. Neighbours is such an iconic element of the Australian film and television industry that it’s a dream come true to be a part of something so beloved in the United Kingdom.

“As a kid, I used to tune in to see all of Erinsborough’s drama develop; it’s surreal to suddenly be a part of it!”

She will make her television debut in the United Kingdom on Thursday, January 20th, and in Australia on Tuesday, January 25th.


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