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Neighbours Spoilers – Nicolette kisses Chloe! Will they get back together?

After months of separation, ex-fiancées Chloe and Nicolette ultimately succumb to temptation on Neighbours in the UK and Australia. Meanwhile, the actual reason for Glen’s reappearance is revealed!

Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) and Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) have always had a rocky relationship. The two ex-lovers are presently separated and scarcely communicating — but is that about to change?

Nicolette fell in love with Chloe very immediately after moving to Erinsborough, despite the fact that she was married to businessman Pierce (Tim Robards/Don Hany). When she found out that Pierce was having an affair with Dipi (Sharon Johal), she devised a plan to let Chloe know the truth.

Organizing for Chloe to walk in on her husband in bed with another woman, while it seemed like a good idea at the time, wasn’t Nicolette’s best move, and it drove a gap between her and Chloe.

As time went on, and Chloe’s mother Fay (Zoe Bertram) succumbed to her Huntington’s disease, Nicolette found herself firmly entrenched in the Brennan inner circle, and eventually in Chloe’s heart.

Thanks to a drunken surrogacy contract she struck with Chloe’s brother Aaron (Matt Wilson) and his husband David, she was pregnant with his kid by this time (Takaya Honda).

Nicolette’s suspicious behavior didn’t help Chloe’s misgivings, and it didn’t take long for Chloe to have her suspicions. Nicolette proposed to Chloe, who felt pressed into agreeing because she had no idea her partner was considering terminating things. However, a misinterpretation of a wild night at the winery led Chloe to assume she had slept with Leo (Tim Kano).

Nicolette called off the wedding and absconded with her, David, and Aaron’s unborn kid.

Are you keeping up?

Now, in classic Erinsborough fashion, it appears that the women will be giving things another go…

Nicolette has been resentful of her ex-fiancée since she returned — even though Chloe didn’t really sleep with Leo, the fact that she ever contemplated it left Nicolette feeling betrayed, and she didn’t want Chloe to forget it.

When she returned, she was furious to see Chloe wearing the engagement ring she’d bought for her, and she made it obvious there was no way they’d ever be back together.

However, it appears that as the weeks pass, Nicolette is warming up to Chloe, who has been desperately attempting to mend their friendship.

This week, they gradually begin to spend time together again, and they discover that their relationship is still strong.

Chloe then gives Nicolette a ticket to a performance in the city shortly after. It’s a turning moment in their chilly relationship, and they start to hash out their differences.

But it appears that the progress doesn’t end there! Nicolette still cares for Chloe and is beginning to believe that they both deserve another opportunity.

Nicolette can’t help herself since she’s not sure what she feels for her ex. Nicolette kisses Chloe while standing in the living room of No. 32!

She can’t help but smile as the hotel manager walks away. This is precisely what she had hoped for. She needed to lose Nicolette to realize how much she truly loved her, and she’s determined to reclaim what they had.

Unfortunately, it appears that the new mother is unable to let go of the past. Nicolette tells Chloe that the kiss was a mistake and that it’s helped her put things in perspective, but that she needs to focus on Isla (Axelle Austin) right now and that nothing further can happen between them.

It’s a setback for Chloe, but will the kiss turn out to be a positive move after all?

Meanwhile, Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett) appears to be keeping a secret from his brother Paul (Stefan Dennis), and when it is revealed, there will be hell to pay.

Glen landed in Erinsborough this week under the pretence of reuniting with his brother after a 30-year separation.

Although Paul was overjoyed at the prospect of having Glen back in his circle, it appeared that his half-brother was still harboring anger. When Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) confronted him, Glen admitted everything.

It wasn’t his only admission, either. He told Terese about how he had come to town to visit her.

Terese was taken aback by the assertion at first, but the jigsaw pieces began to fall into place when she learned that Glen was a recovering alcoholic and drug user.

Glen informed Terese that he wanted to make sure she was okay after finding her barely conscious on a Queensland beach after a night of drinking.

However, it appears that Glen’s genuine motivation has been revealed this week.

Terese has been hesitant to inform Paul that she misplaced her wedding band while partying on the beach. Glen discovered Terese’s ring on the beach and has been clinging onto it, according to a flashback. The only problem is that he’s been persuading Terese that it’s best if she doesn’t wear it.

This is, of course, to annoy Paul, who Glen feels Terese would be better off without.

But when Paul discovers the truth, there will be a riot at Lassiters!


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