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Neighbours Spoilers – Nicolette loses it at Leo’s investor meeting

Vera Punt returns to Neighbours in the UK and Australia, where she expresses her affections for Leo and Nicolette, with dramatic results.

Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) faces an uncertain future, while Glen (Richard Huggett) is suspected by Harlow, as Neighbours returns to UK and Australian screens today (Jemma Donovan).

Thankfully, the tense atmosphere is relieved next week with the return of Vera Punt, the eccentric tenant of the Ramsay Street cul-de-seldom sac’s seen seventh house, who causes havoc wherever she goes.

Leo (Tim Kano) has only had two thoughts since returning to Erinsborough in late 2021: Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) and his flourishing vineyard company.

Unfortunately for Leo, things with Chloe didn’t go as planned – he decided that he wanted her back, but she was engaged to Nicolette at the time, so she was tempted by his overtures only for a short time (Charlotte Chimes). Despite her reservations, she was over over heels in love with her fiancée and refused to succumb to the seduction of her former flame.

Unfortunately, when Nicolette discovered that Chloe and Nic had spent a drunken evening together at the winery, Leo was able to break them up.

Last year, he purchased the winery and vineyard from Pierce (Tim Robards / Don Hany) and began making upgrades. While his personal life has been a mess, his business is booming, and he is hosting a fancy gathering next week to present an idea to possible investors.

According to TV Week, he wants to expand the vineyard to include a whiskey and gin distillery, and believes that this would be just what the company needs to succeed financially.

He’s in need of some additional cash these days, as his ex-fling Britney (Montana Cox) showed up in town with his kid, Abigail — a tremendous surprise given that he had no idea she was pregnant.

Things start off well in next week’s investor pitch, but when Vera Punt shows there, things take an unexpected turn.

When Vera arrives, it’s safe to assume Leo isn’t pleased. Can he retain his calm in the face of the calamities that seem to follow her around, and his knowledge of her tendency for suing the Robinson businesses?

Vera can’t keep her ideas to herself as she sits across from Nicolette and her mother Jane (Annie Jones), and the topic quickly shifts from business to personal problems.

She’s been hiding behind her curtains, watching the Ramsay Street drama unfold, and all she wants to talk about is the love triangle between Leo, Nicolette, and Chloe, and how it nearly ruined David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron’s (Matt Wilson) chances of becoming parents.

“Vera indicates that Leo kidnapped Chloe, which enrages Nicolette,” Tim Kano told TV Week.

Nicolette is enraged, and as the situation becomes more tense, she tosses her drink over Vera.

Leo is taken aback by the fact that his meeting has gone so badly, but he secretly admires Nic for putting Vera in her place. He’s also overjoyed when Britney backs him up and he starts to feel closer to his ex than ever before – is love in the air?

“Leo is overjoyed and overjoyed,” Tim says. “He’s rekindling his affections for [Britney].” He’s falling in love again with her because she’s stunning.”

Will Leo and Britney be closer than they’ve ever been as a result of the terrible business meeting?


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