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Neighbours spoilers: Panic as Nic discovers secret spy camera

Number 32’s turbulent times have begun to calm down, with the trio agreeing on a parenting strategy. However, it is unlikely to last in Neighbours.

Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) is about to uncover a terrible revelation that will upend the peaceful ceasefire they’ve finally achieved. Nic has taken a back seat in the new dads’ routine, and the trio even managed to enjoy some sweet moments with a family photograph.

Nic may be about to throw up their agreement just as they reconcile their disagreements when she discovers something unfathomable — a camera disguised in Isla’s teddy bear.

She confronts Aaron and David, accusing them of betraying her confidence and spying on her, but they deny it. They had no connection to the spy bear.

So, things has taken a nasty turn.

While Nicolette isn’t convinced, they both insist on their innocence. And it can only suggest one thing: someone else did it if they didn’t. Who is watching them and baby Isla in secret?


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