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Neighbours Spoilers – Paul manipulates Terese as she threatens to leave

When Paul realises he’s going to lose Terese for the second time on Neighbours, he reverts to his old ways to keep her close.

Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) has had a rollercoaster of a year, and it’s all owing to Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes).

He’s always been wary of Nicolette, possibly recognising a bit of himself in her when her tumultuous background came to light. She almost became part of Paul’s family when she offered she had their baby to housemates David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron (Matt Wilson), and it was too much for the businessman to take.

He wanted to make sure Nicolette would hand over the infant to David and Aaron and then leave them alone. He knew that would never happen as long as she and Chloe were still together.

Paul saw an opportunity when his son Leo (Tim Kano) arrived to Erinsborough in late 2020. Paul might use his son’s return to drive Chloe and Nicolette away, as Leo and Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) had previously dated.

The plot backfired, and Nicolette flew out of town after believing Chloe and Leo had slept together.

She did, however, take David and Aaron’s unborn child with her. Paul tracked her down to Canberra with the help of his private investigator, where he confronted her and demanded that she hand up the now-newborn baby.

In exchange for baby Isla, Paul handed Nicolette $1 million and a guarantee that she would never return to Erinsborough. She eventually agreed and handed up the baby, but it wasn’t hers in an unexpected twist.

Abigail, a newborn baby girl of the same age who happened to be Leo’s daughter, was David and Aaron’s first child.

Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) couldn’t believe her husband would not only buy Nicolette’s kid, but also compel Nic to say goodbye to her mother, Jane (Annie Jones), on the condition that she never return to Erinsborough.

Terese was pushed over the edge by Paul’s decision to drive Jesse (Cameron Robbie) out of town so Terese wouldn’t find out about his $1 million debt.

Terese had always known Paul would go to any length to achieve what he wanted, and this wasn’t the first time she had questioned his morality, but this was too much. She ejected him from No. 22 in a dramatic fashion, and the two haven’t spoken since.

Terese took off her wedding band and began drinking to numb the pain, and it appeared that their separation might be permanent when she removed her wedding ring and began drinking to numb the pain.

Terese’s feelings for Paul have slowly started to reemerge.

She’s still torn, especially because she almost fell in love with his half-brother Glen, but she’s been reminded of her love for Paul ever since he saved her from falling off the roof of Lassiters.

She chose to move into his Lassiters penthouse apartment to take care of him after he was almost lost in the hurricane that devastated the Flamingo Bar.

In the days that followed, she discovered that the spark that had first brought them together was still alive and thriving. With Paul bedridden and unable to do his normal stunts, they had no choice but to spend quality time together.

This week, they go back to marriage counselling, and Paul finally opens up about his upbringing and his mother’s death, with it being suggested that his childhood troubles may be the source of his manipulative and controlling behaviour.

He doesn’t even get furious when Terese confesses that she was developing affections for his half-brother, indicating that he has truly changed. Has Moneybags truly turned a corner as a result of the threat of losing Terese?

Regrettably, no. Paul, the vicious tyrant who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, is still alive and well.

As Paul’s condition improves during the next week, Terese reminds him that her presence at his Lassiters flat is just temporary. She’ll be returning to 22 Ramsay Street as soon as he’s feeling better.

This frightens him, and he believes he’ll lose her again again. He can turn on the charm since she’s in the penthouse; if she leaves, they’ll be back to the brief and unpleasant work interactions they’ve had for the past few months.

As a result, the old Paul rears his ugly head in an attempt to keep her close.

His condition takes a turn for the worse out of nowhere. Terese is taken aback, and she rushes to his side, hoping to help him. She’s suddenly more affectionate than she’s ever been.

Paul appears to be faking his illness in order to prevent Terese from leaving, and his strategy appears to be working flawlessly.

Terese takes a big decision before he realises it: she’s ready for them to be back together. Taking care of Paul for the past few weeks has rekindled their old friendship, and she has faith in his ability to improve. If only she had known…

Karl Kennedy is the only thing standing in his path (Alan Fletcher). When Paul’s condition worsens, Dr. Karl is perplexed — he had been improving rapidly, so what went wrong? Karl is baffled as to why Paul is deteriorating despite the fact that everything appears to be fine on the exams.

If Paul’s deceit is to succeed, he must keep one step ahead of the game. Karl is taken aback when he learns that he has been fired as Paul’s doctor and has been replaced by a new specialist.

Despite the fact that Karl is no longer Paul’s doctor, he continues to investigate the mysterious sickness with the help of David.

Will Paul finally obtain his ‘happy ever after’ with Terese, despite the two of them unwittingly foiling Paul’s plot?

These scenes will air on Neighbours in the UK on Wednesday February 2nd, and in Australia on Wednesday February 9th, one week later.


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