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Neighbours spoilers: Paul Robinson betrayed as lies unravel

Paul Robinson, oh, darling, misled Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis). He only wants his wife back, but rather of trying to win her over by being honest, loving, and altering his habits, he takes the easy way out and messes everything up in Neighbours.

When Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) moved into the penthouse to look after Paul after his near-death experience during the storm, Paul believed he’d struck gold, but she’s about to give him a reality slap so forceful it leaves a mark when she reminds him her time there is only temporary. It’s his due for being complacent, but he’s left feeling completely defeated because he honestly believed he was making progress.

To make matters worse, his illness is improving every day, which means his time with Terese is drawing to a conclusion even faster. It’s time to start plotting.

When he goes to manipulation mode, his rehabilitated character is going to vanish. While he appears to be recovering well on the outside, he portrays himself as being in excruciating pain in order to elicit Terese’s sympathy. When Terese notices that his recovery has slowed, she becomes concerned and vows to devote more time to his care. Paul is smug at achieving what he wants, and she becomes even more loving, which communicates to him that it’s working.

However, Karl (Alan Fletcher) is perplexed. What has caused Paul’s recuperation to relapse so drastically? Paul ups the ante in an attempt to get Karl off his tail, and his attempts to investigate the abrupt relapse upset Paul.

He keeps working on Terese, and after some prodding, she finally agrees to give their marriage another chance, and he is overjoyed. Does this indicate their romance is salvaged if he tells her he actually wants to become a better person and she believes him?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. After all, Paul is lying about his illness, and we all know that the truth always comes out. Karl is still perplexed as to why Paul’s health has suddenly deteriorated due to an unknown ailment, and he is determined to find out why. But he finds a stumbling block when he hears he’s been replaced by a new specialist – all part of Paul’s plot to keep the truth hidden. What is the name of this newcomer? Karl resorts to extreme means to get around this stumbling block, and, unbeknownst to Paul, enlists the assistance of David (Takaya Honda). Are they going to find out the truth?

Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, January 31.


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