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Neighbours Spoilers – Roxy and Kyle are pregnant and moving to Darwin!

Roxy and Kyle make the decision to leave Erinsborough next week on Neighbours in the UK, and even positive news about the pregnancy isn’t enough to persuade them to stay.

As Harlow prepares to travel to London this week (UK: Monday 28th March / Aus: Monday 18th April), Roxy (Zima Anderson) invites the entire Ramsay Street to No. 26 for the results of her pregnancy test.

Kyle (Chris Milligan) believes she is getting ahead of herself, given that this is their first round of IVF. He urges everyone not to attend because he doesn’t want her to endure the disgrace of a poor outcome in front of her friends.

Roxy is enraged at first, but she ultimately realises that he may be correct. While she takes the test and waits for the results with her husband, they are dismayed to learn that it is negative.

However, things take a turn for the worst when Kyle and Roxy learn of an accident at the reproductive clinic where they’ve been undergoing IVF. Kyle’s sperm has all been gone, putting an end to their pregnancy attempts. They’re understandably distraught.

While Terese is focused on making sure the two are compensated for their losses, Roxy pushes on and begins to consider the future. She contacts her mother, Gemma (Beth Buchanan), and they begin talking about a life-altering decision.

The life-changing decisions and revelations come thick and fast for the newly married couple in next week’s episodes, which air in the UK from Monday 4th April and in Australia from Tuesday 26th April.

To begin, the couple chooses to accept the fertility clinic’s settlement offer. While nothing will compensate for their loss, the cash compensation will make their lives a bit easier in the near term.

Then their loved ones see that they’re becoming more reserved, as if they’re avoiding the chance to spend time with them.

While it appears like they are mourning their negative pregnancy test and the mishap at the fertility clinic, Kyle eventually discloses the truth: they have decided to leave Erinsborough for a new life in Darwin, closer to Roxy’s parents!

It turns out that Gemma and Adam have made them an offer they can’t refuse: they’ve offered to purchase them a house in Darwin.

Roxy is the one who suggested the relocation, and Kyle isn’t pleased at first. Kyle is taken aback when she suggests that they start a new life together raising Staffordshire Bull Terrier litters.

However, he finally realises that a move may be in their best interests, and writes Roxy a poignant message, explaining that while he understands that having children will be tough for them (due to his testicular illness), there’s no one else he’d want to raise a litter of puppies with.

Despite the fact that Roxy was looking forward to a new start and a new career move following their pregnancy setback, she is about to receive some good news. She’s taken aback when a talk with Gemma reveals that she is indeed pregnant!

She shows Kyle the positive result of her second pregnancy test.

He’s overjoyed, and all their problems fade into the background.

They’ve made the decision to relocate to Darwin, and they’ll soon be parents.

Expect a heartbreaking farewell in the coming weeks, as Roxy and Kyle’s time in Erinsborough draws to a close.

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, April 4th, and in Australia on Tuesday, April 26th.


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