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Neighbours Spoilers – Roxy proposes to Kyle

Roxy and Kyle take the next important step in their relationship in the next episodes of Neighbours in the UK and Australia. Melanie’s endeavour to make Nell happy, on the other hand, might backfire horribly.

These episodes will premiere on Monday, November 22nd.

Nothing beats the lovely sense of love to lift your spirits when you’re depressed. That is, at least, Roxy Willis’ (Zima Anderson) attitude toward her lover.

Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan) has had a particularly trying year. He poisoned his cousin’s girlfriend’s kangaroo pie, had burns on his face from a chemical spill, and is now dealing with some shocking news.

Kyle opted to have his own check up after seeing his friend Hendrix (Benny Turland) go through a cancer scare. It was there that he discovered he could have testicular cancer.

Under the cover of a fishing vacation, the lovable larrikin travelled to ‘Franga,’ his hometown’s colloquial nickname, to talk things over with his childhood GP. It was then that he received the dreadful news.

Things, on the other hand, were about to get significantly worse. Kyle had more tests done, and it was discovered that the cancer had spread to his lymph nodes. As a result, chemotherapy would be necessary.

Kyle kept his cards close to his breast as usual, not wanting anybody to find out, especially his nosy grandmother Sheila (Colette Mann). Unfortunately, an exhausted and distressed Roxy divulged everything to Sheila in episodes that aired last week in Australia.

What’s the biggest snare of them all? Kyle’s testicles had to be removed in order to prevent the infection from spreading.

Kyle, who is initially enraged, is unsure how to deal with his feelings. But as his rage dissipates, he realises the genuine strain his girlfriend was under and the gravity of what he was asking her to undertake.

As the couple comes to terms with the fact that they have no control over their future, they realise that there is only one thing they can do to be happy: always be honest with each other.

Roxy has it easy, while Kyle is going through a lot of internal struggle.

Kyle is a different person without the ‘guys.’ Although it’s simple to claim that his orchiectomy hasn’t affected him, it’s clear that it has altered his self-perception. As a result, he’s concerned about his relationship with Roxy’s future.

Kyle, on the other hand, appears to be pondering how he’ll keep his partner happy – and, no less, fulfil her – now that he’s lost two stone.

Roxy realises that there is something she can do to prove her devotion when it becomes clear what is going on. Kyle is going to be proposed to by her!

For others, it may appear to be convenient timing, but in the mind of the former party girl, there is nothing else she desires. In fact, whether or not there is testicular cancer, the timing is ideal. They’ve gone through a lot in their short time together, after all.

When the time arises, Roxy seizes it and proposes to her beau. Kyle says yes, overjoyed by her display of affection. They kiss, and it’s official: they’ve become engaged!

There is happiness, of course, but Sheila has doubts.

Fortunately, Roxy is able to persuade ‘Mama Jugs’ that she and Kyle are in the best possible situation. Sheila rejoices with her grandson and soon-to-be granddaughter-in-law with her certainty!

And if Roxy and Sheila have anything in common, it’s a love of shopping.

They set out to locate the perfect wedding gown together!

Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) chooses to channel her inner Madame Zolga as the Flamingo Bar Christmas celebration heats up.

With Erinsborough’s annual Christmas party on the horizon, the crazy PA decides to test her psychic talents by giving readings to all of her neighbours.

As the readings go, it appears that not everyone is pleased with what they are hearing.

Melanie’s heartstrings are pulled when young Nell (Scarlett Anderson) approaches her father’s girlfriend and asks her to talk with her late mother Sonya (Eve Morey). Melanie is compelled to make up a discussion to placate Nell since she doesn’t want to disappoint her.

Will her efforts to keep Nell happy come back to haunt her?


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