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Neighbours spoilers: Shock as grieving Leo gives up baby Abigail

In Neighbours, Leo (Tim Kano) is barely functioning as his grief over Britney’s untimely death consumes him, putting baby Abigail in danger. Leo is poised to make a shocking decision, overcome with guilt over her injuries.

Disaster strikes while attempting to parent Abigail with his mind fully elsewhere, ending in a hospital dash. While the doctors rush in to save her, Leo struggles to understand how he could have done such a thing to his young baby and can only hope she will recover. Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takaya Honda) are appalled by what is happening to Leo and believe that a change of strategy is necessary, especially when a baby’s life is on the line. Leo is unwittingly damaging his life and jeopardising his child’s safety.

Baby Abigail survives, but Leo’s guilt remains unsatisfied. He doesn’t trust himself around her anymore, and he does everything he can to avoid being alone with her.

Aaron and David confront him about his behaviour, and he acknowledges that he is avoiding being alone with her out of fear of causing her additional harm. The boys try to assist him further, but it’s futile; he feels helpless. He accepts the fact that he is a bad father and can’t handle being a single parent. With his, he makes a life-changing decision: he abandons Abigail.

Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, January 31.


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