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Neighbours Spoilers – Terese admits her feelings for Glen

Terese realises she has feelings for Glen next week on Neighbours, but he’s focused on an old flame. Has she squandered her opportunity? Then there’s the accident, which throws everything into disarray!

These episodes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, January 17th, and in Australia on Wednesday, January 19th.

Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) has had a glint in her eye since Glen Donnelly’s (Richard Huggett) return to the fold.

His entrance in her life couldn’t have come at a better time, it’s no secret. She was estranged from her husband Paul (Stefan Dennis), who is Glen’s half-brother, and she was drowning her sorrows, back on the bottle, and in desperate need of assistance.

Enter Glen, who has been assisting Terese in getting back on track for the past few weeks. It’s a sensation he’s all too familiar with. Since his return, it has been revealed that he, too, is a recovering alcoholic and addict, both as a result of a medical misdiagnosis 30 years ago and his recent divorce.

As the two have worked together, they have naturally gotten closer, and Terese, who has been suppressing her love for her brother-in-law, has now admitted that she has a thing for him.

Having him under her house has resulted in a lot of bottled-up sexual tension, which she can’t wait to release.

Terese’s finding seemed to have arrived at an inopportune time, as is the case on Ramsay Street!

Glen was surprised to see Gemma Ramsay (Beth Buchanan) return to town for the wedding of her daughter Roxy (Zima Anderson) last week.

Glen and Gemma had a brief romance in 1991, but the timing wasn’t right, and the two split.

With the knowledge that Gemma has divorced her husband Adam (Ian Williams), there’s nothing stopping Glen from trying to rekindle their relationship 30 years later.

Glen begins to put the moves on Gemma now that she’s firmly in his orbit, and Terese can’t help but feel envious!

When she sees the two together during Roxy’s wedding, her jealousy grows even more, prompting her to confess to one of her closest friends.

She tells Susan (Jackie Woodburne) everything, but because there are so many issues, she decides to put her feelings aside and spend the wedding with Paul instead. As a result, Glen becomes envious once more, believing that he has completely lost his chance.

Tragically, disaster comes not long after the storm that has been developing for hours finally takes hold and engulfs Erinsborough.

With Paul in the hospital and Terese blaming herself for the accident, Terese makes a surprising decision: she’ll move in with Paul!

After being injured in the disaster, he requires assistance, thus it seems only right that she move into his penthouse apartment to assist him. Paul is ecstatic, but he has no idea that she is consumed by guilt, both for the disaster and for her emotions for Glen.

While it’s evident that Terese and Paul still have a thing for each other, is she in the appropriate frame of mind to move back in with him?


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