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Neighbours spoilers: Tormented Leo abandons baby

Everyone copes with sorrow in their own way, and Leo (Tim Kano) chooses to isolate himself from Britney’s memory. His baby daughter is included in this.

The young child may have no idea what’s going on around her, but the tragic reality is that she has already lost one parent to a fatal accident and is about to lose another due to a life-altering decision.

Leo makes an unexpected decision: he does not want to be a single father. After a near-miss with danger, he determines he’s unfit to be alone with Abigail, and rather than try to work through his sadness, he decides it’s best he’s not in her life at all.

He asks Aaron and David to raise her, which is a life-changing request. The pair is taken aback, but David is confident that Leo will alter his mind once he comes to his senses. Aaron, on the other hand, sees nothing but further pain in becoming close to the baby only to have her ripped away again.

But he can’t say no, and as Leo puts more distance between himself and his daughter, the pair step in to ensure she feels loved. Leo is losing his mind, and his daughter is suffering as a result. Even her doctor’s visit doesn’t make him realise how much he’s sacrificing.

Will Aaron and David be obliged to step up as a result of Leo’s grief forcing him to neglect his parenting responsibilities? Or are they putting themselves in a position to suffer much more?

Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, February 7th.


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