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Neighbours star Freya Van Dyke reveals new fire drama for Zara Selwyn

Freya Van Dyke, who plays Zara Selwyn on Neighbours, spoke to Digital Spy about the tumultuous week ahead for her character.

Zara is already in deep jeopardy, since she is suspected of starting two small fires under unexplained circumstances.

The stakes are raised in this week’s events as a far larger arson attack occurs at Erinsborough High.

Zara’s so-called pals Aubrey Laing (Etoile Little) and Sadie Rodwell (Emerald Chan) have been maliciously attempting to frame her, according to Tuesday’s programme on Channel 5 (March 1).

According to Freya, who spoke to Digital Spy, “Aubrey and Sadie entice Zara to the school, where they set fire to it and use Zara as a scapegoat. Mackenzie pursues Zara, but they don’t notice the fire until it’s too late.

“It was extremely great to be able to interact with Georgie [Stone, who plays Mackenzie] during filming the fire sequences.”

She went on to say: “After the last fire, Zara is once again suspected, but she tries to explain that it was Aubrey who started it.

“At this point, Aubrey has admitted that she despises Zara and has been attempting to have her expelled from school, so it’s not surprising that Zara suspects her.”

Freya mentioned that the events of the week could be a watershed moment for Zara if she is able to clear her name.

“I think there’s definitely a chance she will,” Freya said when asked if Zara will eventually display a more sensitive side. I believe it is uncommon for someone to be completely negative.

“Zara has lost her way a little, but I believe she has a nice heart underneath it all.”

Freya debuted in Neighbours at the beginning of the year, and she was recently incorporated to the new-look opening titles.

She detailed her experience on the show thus far: “It’s been fantastic. Everyone has been quite friendly, and filming on the sets of Neighbours has been quite bizarre.

“Working with Jacinta Stapleton, who plays Amy, has been a blast. She has a lot of energy and keeps me on my toes all the time.

“When I was about 9 or 10 years old, I stumbled into acting by accident while trying to enrol up for dancing classes. Through a self-tape, I auditioned for the role of Zara. I was called back for an in-person audition a few weeks later, and the part was booked from there.”


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