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Neighbours star Jemma Donovan reveals secret challenge of London scenes

Jemma Donovan, star of Neighbours, spoke to Digital Spy about the difficulties of filming the show’s London scenes so long in advance.

Following a tumultuous period on Ramsay Street, Jemma’s character Harlow Robinson returns to the UK for a vacation in this week’s episodes on Channel 5.

In October 2021, Jemma recorded these scenes on location in London with guest star Amanda Holden, who plays Harlow’s aunt Harriet.

One of Harlow’s main motivations for visiting London was to take a break from her previous relationship with Ned Willis.

Jemma was filming these scenes some weeks before she’d been given scripts for the Harlow and Ned plotline that viewers have lately seen, due to the out-of-sequence filming.

Jemma stated in an exclusive video chat with Digital Spy: “I believe it was difficult. It’s difficult when you haven’t had any scripts. I was clearly briefed on what happens, but Neighbours moves at such a fast speed that things might alter at any time.

“You have to go in there and picture what would have happened if you had been given all of the information you have.

“It’s also difficult to imagine the previous scenes – why she’s so flustered – without having properly filmed them. But that’s part of the show’s fun and games — it’s very much like that – so you just have to do what you’re doing.”

Jemma said when asked if Harlow is seeking for a way to get away from Ned: “Yeah, I believe she just needs to go out of Erinsborough for a while and meet some new people to find out what she wants to do.

“You have time to reflect about what’s going on in your life whenever you go home. I believe she was in desperate need of that, and she also gets to visit her aunt, who is probably the closest thing she has to her mother.

“I believe she just needed to get away of Erinsborough for a few moments.”


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