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Neighbours star Melissa Bell calls for permanent Lucy Robinson return

Melissa Bell, who plays Lucy Robinson on Neighbours, has shown interest in resuming her character on a regular basis.

Lucy has just returned to the long-running drama for another brief guest appearance as part of Glen Donnelly’s comeback plot.

Melissa spoke to Digital Spy exclusively about resuming the role: “It’s a lot of fun, and I like returning to Neighbours. They would have done more if it hadn’t been for COVID, which made it difficult. It’s just so difficult to schedule filming during this period.

“But I enjoy doing Neighbours because Lucy is a character I’ve known since I was a child. It’s wonderful to be back in her role.

“Lucy is paying me a visit, so I’ll be flying in and out. But I’d return in a heartbeat if the opportunity arose. You’ll have to wait and see whether everyone responds, “We adore Lucy and Glen, and we want them back full-time!””

Melissa went on to say on working with Richard Huggett, who plays Glen: “It had been probably 25 years since I’d seen him, yet it seemed like we’d just worked with the day before. It didn’t seem like time had passed.

“Richard was the same wonderful performer and sincere person. Despite the years that had passed, we were able to regain the energy of working together. He’s a fantastic individual. I adore his persona and his work.

“It’s wonderful to see the old characters return since that’s what the fans want.” With those founding families, that history, and you grow with them, that’s where the programme began.

“That’s why Neighbours works so well, and I’m thankful to be a part of it still.”

Lucy was last seen in 2020, when she returned for the 35th anniversary of Neighbours. Lucy Gottlieb married Mark Gottlieb in that narrative (Bruce Samazan).

Melissa laughed as she explained why we didn’t see Mark this time: “Bruce’s responsibilities were elsewhere, so he couldn’t do it!”

“We’re Facebook friends, so when I told him I’d come back, he questioned whether we were still married!” Fortunately, they are still married.”


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