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Neighbours star Richard Huggett explains why Glen meddles between Paul and Terese

Richard Huggett, a cast member of Neighbours, has delved into Glen Donnelly’s nefarious methods.

He’s just recently returned to Erinsborough, but his character, according to Huggett, wants to confront “his demons against” half-brother Paul Robinson while also protecting fellow alcoholic Terese Willis from him.

“He gets an open invitation from Paul at the conference that if he’s ever in the neighbourhood, he’s welcome to ‘drop in,” says the actor exclusively to Digital Spy of Glen’s return. So Glen shows up about a week later!

“In the end, I believe the reason is that Glen wants to reconnect with Paul in some manner and address his problems, but he also wants to protect Terese…”

But why is Glen so sure that Terese, who has recently divorced Paul, should not give him one final chance? “It all comes down to how he handles and utilises people in the end. The things he’s done to her, the way she’s been talking about him. He’s only being protective of her “he stated

Huggett also talked about his character’s drug troubles, despite the fact that he’s been clean for “a few years.”

“As a result of his accident, he became hooked to painkillers and an alcoholic. He left Fiona 30 years ago when she told him she’d had it with the drugs and that it was either her or the drugs, so he opted to get clean and checked into rehab.”

And he and Terese share a “common bond” that could “definitely” bring them closer together in the coming weeks.

Terese’s fear over Glen’s position at the vineyard, on the other hand, is unwarranted, according to the serial actor.

“He soothes her and assures her that everything will be alright. He’s been in the presence of alcohol before, and he was in the presence of alcohol throughout his rehabilitation. He is no longer afflicted with alcoholism.”


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