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Neighbours star Takaya Honda explains David and Aaron’s new rift over Dean

Takaya Honda, who plays David Tanaka on Neighbours, spoke to Digital Spy about the looming new tensions between him and Aaron Brennan.

Next week, the popular pair will fight when Aaron (Matt Wilson) learns that David has been confiding in his coworker Dean Covey about their marriage.

David’s twin brother Leo (Tim Kano) recently decided that he no longer wanted them to have full custody of their young daughter Abigail, putting their relationship under strain.

In the next scenes, David seeks help from Dean (Travis Cotton) at work, but tensions rise as Aaron questions his husband’s friend’s motives.

“For me, the bond between David and Dean is basically one of confiding in a coworker,” Takaya told exclusively to Digital Spy. ‘How are you today?’ Dean has asked David at some point. You’re depressed. Something isn’t right.’

“David then simply revealed and unleashed all that had transpired because he needed that open ear and objective point of view to help him put things into perspective.

“David and Dean have been conversing in that manner for the past couple of years. He’s just that person at work with whom David can have a conversation. I don’t believe this is an unusual situation; I believe everyone knows someone with whom they can talk.

“Aaron, I believe, has recently been in a state where he hasn’t been paying attention to David. That may have increased David’s frequency of conversations with Dean, but you can’t always talk to the person you need to talk to!”

He went on to say: “From David’s perspective, this is purely a friendship, and Dean is merely a shoulder to weep on.

“Aaron is sceptical of Dean, but David believes his suspicions are baseless. Dean is merely a buddy with whom he has never shared intimately. Dean has just provided David with a safe environment in which he may divulge what has been going on in his life. This has given David a new perspective on the problems he’s dealing with.

“From David’s perspective, Aaron appears to be utilising this as another another outlet for his sadness over Abigail.”

As the tensions rise, Aaron asks David to refrain from speaking to Dean about their marriage in the future. When David goes against this, it leads to a showdown between Aaron and Dean.

“David does think it’s fair if Aaron makes that request,” Takaya continued. He finds it difficult, however, because there are times when you need someone to help you see things from a different perspective.

“They’re still in the thick of it, so going from 100 to 0 is a bit of a shock.” Dean comes upon David in an emotionally vulnerable state and asks whether he’s okay. David can’t help himself; he has to let it all out.”


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