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Neighbours star Takaya Honda shares touching throwback

Takaya Honda, who plays Takaya on Neighbours, recently shared a moving throwback photo on Instagram of his first visit on Ramsay Street.

Honda captioned the shot, which shows him and his friend Liv Zak standing on the set of the show, on Instagram, saying, “This was my first time ever on Ramsay St. back in 2016.”

“It was such a bizarre experience since it was a street I had seen so much of on television, yet once I got there, it was just like any other suburban street,” she says.

“Which is arguably what makes the programme so real,” he wrote, tagging the show’s Instagram account and using the hashtag #celebratingNeighbours.

Honda has played David Tanaka in Neighbours for the past six years, after previously appearing in A gURLs wURLd, The Code, and The Family Law as Josh, Jase, and Klaus Thomson.

Prior to joining the long-running Australian serial, he hosted My Great Big Adventure and Play School.

Honda’s persona David is gay and married to Aaron (Matt Wilson), and their marriage was the first on-screen gay wedding in Australia.

In recent storylines, David confides in his buddy Dean Covey (Travis Cotton) about his marital problems, prompting Aaron to suspect Dean has emotions for David.

In the upcoming episodes, David will be surprised when Dean tries to kiss him, putting the couple’s rocky relationship in jeopardy.

“It’s such a combination of feelings for David,” Honda recently told Digital Spy about the narrative. He’s plainly remorseful and regretful that Aaron was correct all along about Dean’s desire for more.

“He also feels thoroughly deceived by Dean, because Dean had given David the impression that he was in a safe environment where he could say whatever he wanted.”


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