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Neighbours star Takaya Honda teases unexpected new story for David Tanaka

Takaya Honda, who plays David Tanaka on Neighbours, has hinted that the long-running drama may soon air an unexpected storyline involving his character.

The 34-year-old actor, who first appeared on the show in 2016, recently told Inside Soap magazine that viewers have yet to witness “peak David,” and expressed his excitement for everyone to see what they’ve been working on.

“I don’t think anyone could foresee what’s going to happen,” he remarked. “The audience, like David, will be thrown for a loop by what happens.”

Honda also spoke on David’s relationship with his husband Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson), and how the two would soon be seen arguing over what to do with the former’s niece Abigail.

David’s twin brother Leo will beg his sister and his girlfriend to take custody of their daughter in scenes slated to air this week, stating that he can’t cope with being a struggling single father.

“David understands that Leo is struggling with a lot and that all he needs is time,” Honda explained. “He can tell Leo is having a hard time. However, Abigail’s safety is paramount, and David must strike a delicate balance between looking after his brother and ensuring Abigail’s safety.

“Family is so essential to David that he would go to any length to care for both Abi and Isla, no matter how difficult it was.”

According to Honda, the moral dilemma will strain David and Aaron, but they will not let it break them – something that both actors believe is critical in terms of the message it conveys to people watching at home.

“Matty and I work extremely hard to build a relationship as strong as Daaron’s, and we are grateful that the pair has been given the freedom to handle difficulties together. Although David and Aaron might not always agree, their affection for one another is undeniable. I believe that is a very wonderful message to send out into the world.”


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