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Neighbours star Zima Anderson reveals huge storm danger at Roxy and Kyle’s wedding

Zima Anderson, who plays Roxy Willis in Neighbours, spoke to Digital Spy about the dramatic storm scenes that will take place at Roxy Willis and Kyle Canning’s wedding this week.

In Tuesday’s episode (January 18), Roxy and Kyle (Chris Milligan) marry in a lovely ceremony, but the day takes a terrible turn when poor weather puts lives in jeopardy.

As a massive storm sweeps over Erinsborough, everyone seeks refuge in the Flamingo Bar. Unfortunately, not everyone will be immune to the life-threatening illnesses.

“With everything Roxy and Kyle have gone through, it was pretty tough to learn that their wedding wasn’t going to go smoothly!” Zima giggled to Digital Spy about the high-stakes scenario.

“However, in true Neighbours tradition, they had to spice things up and make the wedding as dramatic and spicy as possible.” It was ridiculous, but I thought to myself, ‘Roxy’s getting married, so let’s go big.’

“The fans should expect a lot of drama,” she concluded. There will be injuries and problems with the participants. You’ll have to wait and see what happens, but many people are put in jeopardy.

“I’m not sure who those folks are, but it’s definitely dramatic and frightening.” There will be people in extremely difficult situations.”

Zima also discussed the difficulties she faced while filming the episode.

“I loved shooting the storm,” she said. We shot with these colossal crowds. They were enormous, comparable to a large jet on a plane. Because I’m such a small person, Chris Milligan had to hold me. This wind machine was so powerful that it nearly knocked me off my feet!

“It was a lot of fun to shoot, but it was also a lot of fun to watch.” That was most likely my favourite part. Because it was so loud and the players were attempting to sprint through the wind, it was difficult to hear anything. It was fantastic.”

For the wedding ceremony, Zima collaborated with the Neighbours costume team to assist Roxy find the perfect wedding gown.

“I truly adored my wedding outfit,” Zima told us. It had a Roxy vibe about it, with a dash of Roxy spice.

“The costume crew did an amazing job fitting the clothing to my physique.” I’m not particularly tall, and everyone’s body is unique. They custom-fit the dress for me and created it from the ground up. It was fantastic. I’m completely smitten with my gown and can’t wait for everyone to see it because it’s stunning.”


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