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Neighbours struggle for Toadie, Nell and Melanie as Sonya’s death is revisited

Neighbours has revealed that Toadie Rebecchi and Melanie Pearson will face another battle in the near future, as Toadie’s daughter Nell Rebecchi grows increasingly fascinated with the concept of contacting her late mother, Sonya.

Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) sets up a psychic stall and makes predictions, many of which seem to come true, in scenes airing this week, the residents of Erinsborough enjoy a Christmas party, with Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) setting up a psychic stall and making predictions, many of which seem to come true.

After admiring Melanie’s apparent psychic skills, Nell (Scarlett Anderson) makes an impassioned plea, asking if she can assist her communicate with her late mother from beyond the dead.

Melanie will tell Nell that Sonya adores the outfit she’s wearing in scenes that will appear in the coming weeks, trying not to upset the expecting Nell.

While Nell is overjoyed to hear from her mother, Melanie is concerned about Toadie’s (Ryan Moloney) reaction once he learns what she has said.

Nell’s preoccupation with her clothing and Melanie’s crystal ball intensifies during the week, and Melanie and Toadie feel more uncomfortable with Nell’s pleas to communicate with Sonya through the crystal ball.

Mel resolves to talk with Nell on her own to see if she can assist, but Toadie is concerned that she will exacerbate the matter. When the crystal ball shatters, he ends up doing it himself.

The shattered ball has upset Nell, and despite Toadie’s best efforts, nothing he does can make her feel better. Melanie is heartbroken to witness Toadie’s anguish and despair.

She ultimately persuades Toadie to let her assist him, and he agrees. Melanie resolves to have a more adult talk with Nell, which eventually allows her to communicate with her.

As the three of them spend time together at Sonya’s memorial tree, Toadie expresses his gratitude to Melanie for all that she has done, and the two become closer once again, reinforcing their bond.


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