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Neighbours teases big week for troublesome Zara in 15 new spoiler pictures

Your complete gallery of images revealing what’s coming up on UK TVs starting Monday, January 24.

Monday, January 24:

Zara is a new student at Erinsborough High School. Her first day, however, is marred by bullies and severe teachers.

Zara has been pushed to the brink. When the girl learns that a cash-strapped Amy has put more money into a new business venture, she has a hard time coping and lashes out at school.

Zara creates havoc. She sets off the school’s fire alarm on purpose.

Zara is ecstatic about her trick. Jane, on the other hand, is not amused.

Jane strives to bring everything back to normal. Dealing with Zara will be difficult.

Zara extinguishes the fire. Jane observes her and is dissatisfied with her actions.

Jane is well aware that Zara must be punished. It’s hardly a promising start for the newcomer’s Erinsborough High career.

Jane dials a number. What is she going to do?

Tuesday, January 25:

Jane re-acquaints herself with Zara. It’s time for another round of conversation.

Jane is hopeful that Zara has changed her mind. The school has devolved into chaos.

Zara is arrogant. She exhibits no regret for her actions.

Zara is adamant about not apologising. Following her earlier mischief, there now appears to be a pattern of events.

Jane is extremely dissatisfied. It’s impossible to communicate with Zara.

Wednesday, January 26:

Zara and Amy have a squabble. Zara pushes her mother as recent events come to a climax.

Amy is immediately in excruciating pain. Zara walks away, assuming she’s faking it. Amy’s life, however, is in jeopardy, and she is brought to the hospital in a critical condition.


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