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Neighbours teases Glen and Terese twist in 22 new spoiler pictures

Your complete gallery of images revealing what’s coming up on UK TVs starting Monday, November 15.

Monday, November 15:

Terese’s journey to Queensland isn’t going as planned. She was surprised to learn that Paul had not departed as promised, sending her into yet another downward spiral.

Terese had heard Paul’s justifications. Terese doesn’t believe Paul’s explanation that he stayed because he saw his long-lost brother Glen.

Terese has strayed from the path. She has turned to drink as a coping mechanism for her persistent marital problems.

On the beach, Terese is inebriated and distressed. She seemed to have lost all sense of direction.

Terese is definitely in need of assistance. Fortunately, it will be available shortly.

Glen appears. Terese is causing him concern.

Glen makes an attempt to assist Terese. Despite the fact that she has no idea who he is.

Terese is helped up by Glen. What will Terese’s reaction be if he intervenes?

Terese is led back to her hotel room by Glen. Glen’s homecoming will undoubtedly cause havoc in Paul and his family’s lives.

Tuesday, November 16:

Glen is attending a family gathering. He finally catches up to Lucy.

Paul is also there for the get-together. After all these years, he’s surprised to meet his brother.

Glen is taken aback by Paul’s reply. Paul seemed ecstatic to meet him.

There’s a lot to get caught up on. Paul is taken aback by Glen’s ability to walk again.

Lucy, Glen, and Paul are three friends. While Lucy’s visit will be brief, Glen will be staying for a while.

Wednesday, November 17:

A teddy bear is a sign of impending doom. Isla’s toy has more to it than meets the eye.

A startling discovery is made by Nicolette. In the teddy bear, there’s a concealed spycam.

Nicolette is disturbed by the discovery. Someone has been watching her closely.

Aaron and David are confronted by Nicolette. She informs them of the camera.

Nicolette believes she has figured out who is to blame. Aaron and David, she fears, do not trust her.

Aaron strives to get everything back to normal. This is something that the three parents should discuss.

Aaron and David are adamant in their denial of any wrongdoing. They claim they aren’t the ones behind the camera.

David and Aaron propose that they discuss the mystery together. Will Nicolette, on the other hand, think they’re not involved?


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