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Neighbours’ Terese Willis discovers Glen Donnelly’s secret in new scenes

Neighbours’ Terese Willis will learn more about Paul Robinson’s enigmatic half-brother in forthcoming scenes, and she will uncover a significant truth about Glen Donnelly.

Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) has been trying to deal with continuing to work with Paul (Stefan Dennis) after their separation, and her fears have persisted when she was in Queensland for the Lassiters Summit, leading her to drink again and become disoriented on the beach.

After a stranger helped Terese on the beach, she was surprised to learn that the man was Glen (Richard Huggett), Paul’s brother – while Paul was equally surprised to see Glen again after almost 30 years.

Terese will be astonished yet again by Glen’s unannounced return to Erinsborough following their original encounter in Queensland in forthcoming scenes, and she will grow intrigued about his intentions for returning.

Glen makes it apparent to Terese that he isn’t a fan of Paul’s and uses every chance to warn her away from him. When Paul is present, though, he still looks to be playing happy family with him.

When Terese realises how much animosity Glen has for Paul, she is disturbed, and Glen is determined to do whatever he can to ensure Terese’s independence from his brother.

Teresa is grateful for Glen’s help, but she is taken aback when she shows up for her next Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to see Glen present.

Terese is taken aback when she learns that Glen too deals with addiction, and the two talk after the meeting, with Terese puzzled as to why Glen didn’t tell her about his own problem sooner.

Glen has recently accepted a job at Leo Tanaka’s (Tim Kano) vineyard, and she quickly realises that there is a greater issue at hand.

She can’t help but wonder if working near wine is the greatest decision for an alcoholic in recovery, but will she be able to assist Glen? Is there another, more sinister reason for his return to Erinsborough after such a lengthy absence?


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