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Neighbours to air shock Glen Donnelly flashback scene as his scheming continues

A flashback scene will show what happened to Terese Willis’ wedding ring on Neighbours, in a Glen Donnelly twist.

Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) lost her ring while relapsing on the beach during a business trip to Queensland. She has not been able to locate and collect it despite her best attempts.

Glen (Richard Huggett) is shown to have discovered the lost ring at the beach during a flashback scenario on 10 Peach and Channel 5, and has been keeping his finding a secret. Viewers are well aware that Glen is determined to keep Terese away from Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis).

When Paul asks Terese why she isn’t wearing her wedding ring in the present, she finally discloses that she misplaced it while they were in Queensland.

Paul, who is still keen for the couple to reconcile and get their marriage back on track, is concerned that the ring’s disappearance is a negative omen, but he tries to make the most of the situation by devising a new plan to wow Terese.

Unfortunately for him, his most recent attempt fails miserably.

When Terese accepts Paul’s new ring, things appear to be looking up for Paul. When Glen learns what’s happened, he’s understandably shocked, and he tries to persuade Terese to reconsider her decision, implying that she shouldn’t be manipulated by Paul.

Later in the week, Paul is disappointed to learn that Glen may have had a major role in Terese’s choice. When he learns the true reason for Glen’s return to Erinsborough, he becomes enraged.

David (Takaya Honda) and Leo (Tim Kano) try to console their father by recommending that Paul gently discuss his love for his brother with Glen.

But there’s no assurance that Paul won’t make a hasty decision…


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