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Neighbours’ Toadie and Amy to fall out following Zara’s arrival

Many relationships in Neighbours are on the rocks as a result of Zara’s (Freya Van Dyke) arrival in Erinsborough.

First, Zara discovers her mother Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) in bed with Levi Canning (Richie Morris) and Ned Willis (Ben Hall), upsetting their polyamorous relationship.

As a result, Toadie is dissatisfied with Zara, and he has a falling out with Amy.

Toadie is irritated by Zara’s self-centered and entitled behaviour, and he loses his cool with her, while Zara plots her vengeance against them by giving Nell a full-bodied jelly shot.

Toadie tries everything he can to warn Amy about Zara’s bad behaviour and persuade her to discipline her daughter. However, when Zara informs Amy that Toadie is being judgmental, Amy and Toadie have a major disagreement.

Amy’s only want is to reconnect with Zara and form a link with her, but their relationship is already strained owing to Zara’s outrage at Amy’s polyamorous relationship.

With encouragement from Toadie and Susan, Amy tries to convince Zara to settle in properly by telling her that she can only stay if she obtains a job. Getting a job, however, will not persuade this troubled adolescent to change her habits.

After begging Amy to tone things off with her boyfriends, Zara makes issues for her mother’s relationship by informing everyone that Levi tried to kiss her.

On Neighbours, there’s always family turmoil, but Zara’s behaviour is causing a lot of Amy’s friends, particularly her boyfriends Levi and Ned, to suffer. As a result, Amy begins to question whether the three-way relationship is truly worth it, rather than contemplating the possibility that Zara is the true issue.

A mother’s love for her child, on the other hand, is unquestionable. So, how will the gang cope with Zara in the future, and will she realise her mistakes?


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