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Neighbours veteran Rob Mills pleads for the show to continue

Rob Mills, a veteran of Neighbours and a well-known Australian actor, is pleading with the Australian government to find a way to keep the popular soapie on the air.

The show’s largest investor, UK broadcaster Channel 5, announced that they will not be extending their contract or continuing to sponsor the show, indicating that it is likely to end.

Rob Mills, speaking on A Current Affair, argued that the show could be preserved if the Australian government stepped in to help.

“Thousands of employment in the arts have been created as a result of something like Neighbours.” I believe the government could intervene. “It’s possible that Screen Victoria may intervene,” he told the news programme.

“Let’s hope we get a Prime Minister who works to fund the arts when the election comes around,” he continued.

“We usually talk about the performers who have come through on Neighbours,” Rob said, “but it’s also the writers who have gone through, the directors, and the staff.”

“I think the training ground is the sad thing that will be lost, so let’s hope that doesn’t happen.”

Rob played Finn Kelly, a teacher on Neighbours from 2017 to 2021, but he’s one of hundreds of Australian actors who rose up the ranks thanks to the show.

And he isn’t the only one who wants the show to be preserved; Jackie Woodburne, who has played Susan Kennedy for 27 years, also wants the show to be spared.

“It’s been an absolute rollercoaster… “As you can guess, the previous 24 or 36 hours,” she told the panel during an interview on The Project.

“It’s a lot of stuff to try to comprehend,” she said, “but I’m still a little shocked, a little overwhelmed.”

Jackie also claimed that she saw her co-stars in a meeting with the producers.

She continued, “I have to admit the feeling was one of… it was simply – it was just nice.”

“Everyone was so upset, we were all crying, we were all extremely emotional about it all,” says the cast, “but we’re all so motivated to bring this play home as best we can.”

There are already rumours circulating that one of the actors who got their start on Neighbours would return for the show’s upcoming finale.

Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan’s careers were launched by the show in its early days, notably after their wedding episode.

It was also Margot Robbie’s, Liam Hemsworth’s, Holly Valance’s, Delta Goodrem’s, Natalie Imbruglia’s, and even Russell Crowe’s first acting role.


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