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Neihbours Spoilers – Can Melanie’s film win Toadie back?


Melanie makes a passionate appeal to Toadie next week on Neighbours in the UK, knowing that she wants him back once and for all. Will the two kiss and reconcile? In addition, Hendrix learns some shocking news.

These episodes will begin airing on Monday, October 4th.

It’s Father’s Day in Erinsborough, which can only mean one thing: the Shorts and Briefs Film Festival is officially underway.

The Lassiters event has been in the works for months, and our Ramsay Street neighbours have experienced some unexpected turbulence along the road… as well as some as a consequence!

When Toadie’s (Ryan Moloney) legal intern Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) suggested that the two participate in the Lassiters event as a way to improve Rebecchi Law’s image – which had been tainted by a series of mishaps involving his assistant and girlfriend Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden) – he had no idea it would lead him back to his ex.

It looked too good to be true when old flame Rose Walker (Lucy Durack) turned up as the event’s PR manager. They had worked together and struck it off in 2020, but they called it quits when she reconnected with her divorced husband.

She didn’t take long to disclose that her marriage was gone and that she wanted Toadie back. She was adamant about her love for Toadie, and she wasn’t going to allow his troubled relationship with Melanie get in the way.

Then, when the two came upon Melanie with her ex-boyfriend Justin Buke (Mick O’Malley), it looked as though fate had sealed the deal.

Melanie discovers something surprising this week: Rose set her and Justin up! Hendrix (Benny Turland) was well aware of the plot and was fully on Team Rose until he began to feel bad about sabotaging Toadie and Mel’s romance. He thinks that by disclosing everything, he would be able to set things right.

Melanie, unfortunately, has already broken up with the Toad and played straight into Rose’s hands by the time she finds the truth.

Melanie seeks advice from Mackenzie and Susan (Jackie Woodburne) after realising she needs to do something daring to reclaim Toadie. When she explains her plans, they are both eager to help their beloved friend get what she desires – a chance to reclaim Toadie’s heart.

Melanie, in typical Melanie fashion, has devised an elaborate scheme. She believes that if she can pull it off, she will be able to reclaim Toadie’s affections once and for all.

The next day, Melanie hands a USB over to event organiser Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) (Jacinta Stapleton). It has a film she made for Toadie that she wants to screen at the festival.

Unfortunately, Rose overhears Amy and Melanie’s conversation and watches the video before Amy can post it. She drops the USB stick in her coffee, realising what it would do to her own relationship if Toadie saw it.

Nothing will be able to stop her from pursuing her ‘Jarrod’!

Toadie meets Rose in the VIP viewing box as the festival begins, and labels it a date. He tells her that he’s ready to leave Mel behind and seek anything with her.

But, after all of the other films at the festival have ended, Rose can’t believe her eyes when one more begins, and she realises that the film Melanie created will be shown after all…

…and Toadie’s gaze is fixed on the huge screen!

Susan appears as Madame Susanna, a fortune teller who instructs Melanie to gaze deeply into her crystal ball. She sighs as she looks into the ball and sees Toadie, telling Susanna, “that’s not my future, that’s my history.”

“If that’s what your heart desires, it can be both!” Susanna adds, as Melanie decides to give it a shot.

“You ground me, and I outer space you,” she says of Toadie in one of her short films, “and don’t get me started on the stuff in your trunk!” she exclaims.

As he stands next to a speechless Rose, Toadie can’t help but smile.

Melanie makes her way to Toadie at the end of the movie and confesses, “Toadie, I meant every word.” “I love you, and I’m sorry,” she adds, her voice brimming with passion.

Will Melanie’s attempt to reclaim her beloved Toadie succeed, or will she be left hanging once more?

Meanwhile, another aspect of the film festival sends shockwaves through one young Erinsborough resident’s life.

Rose and Karl (Alan Fletcher) organised a testicular screening centre in the Lassiters building in a thinly veiled attempt to attach a testing booth to the film festival. In a nutshell, a doctor sits behind a screen and checks the patient’s testicles for lumps, avoiding the humiliation of an in-person examination.

It’s a huge hit, with a steady stream of film festival goers making their way behind the curtain. Residents of Ramsay Street also come in, with an initially hesitant Aaron (Matt Brennan) going to get checked out following David’s urging (Takaya Honda).

However, when Karl recommends that Hendrix (Benny Turland) pay a visit, he dismisses the idea. He doesn’t think he needs to get tested since there’s no chance he’s sick. Hendrix realises it’s best to be on the safe side after Karl informs that the cancer is most frequent in younger guys.

The young man rushes to the testing booth, removing his dacks and entering for an inspection.

After his checkup, the doctor informs an unwitting Hendrix, “Zip up, we’ll speak outdoors.” It’s not good news, unfortunately.

The doctor announces that a lump has been discovered. Hendrix can’t believe it; he believed he was invincible only a few hours ago. He’s now been informed he might have cancer!

Hendrix’s next move is to schedule a follow-up visit for more tests, as it’s just as probable that it’s something innocuous. Will he? that is the question.


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