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School fire tragedy, marriage woes, and fears: 6 big Neighbours spoilers

In this week’s episode of Neighbours, three lives are on the line and a marriage is hanging by a thread.

Who will be the last to die?

When Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) and Hendrix (Ben Turland) were trapped in a blazing school fire, they find themselves in a dangerous scenario. Is their love storey doomed to end in tragedy at Zara’s hands?

Following his recent hijinx, David’s (Takaya Honda) marriage could be doomed. Will Aaron’s (Matt Wilson) marriage withstand this betrayal? Aaron (Matt Wilson) discovers he’s grown too close to his pal Dean.

Zara (Freya Van Dyke) can’t see a way out after being blamed for the school fire. Will she take severe measures?

Roxy (Zima Anderson) believes she and Kyle (Chris Milligan) are ready for a baby in the midst of the impending disaster. Are they actually prepared?!

And there’s something strange going on with Glen (Richard Huggett), but hey, at the very least, everyone gets a free vacation.

Here’s what to expect next in Neighbours.

Mackenzie and Hendrix perish in a school fire?

Hendrix has a secret from Mackenzie that he can no longer keep hidden: Zara kissed him. When Mackenzie learns the truth and meets her new foe, she feels betrayed by her so-called pals Sadie and Aubrey, who have obviously revealed their secret. Zara looks to be irritated by the confrontation, and before anybody knows it, the school is engulfed in flames. Zara is unharmed, but Mackenzie is confined and rapidly fading. Hendrix goes in to help her, but he is caught in the flames as well. Worse yet, no one is aware of their presence. Hendrix can’t get Mackenzie out on his own since she’s falling in and out of consciousness. Is it possible that they’ll both be burned alive?

David cheats on Aaron?

Could we be on the verge of seeing David call it quits on his marriage? For a long time, things between him and Aaron have been tense, but is that enough to drive him into the arms of another man? The whole issue with baby Abigail has been the impetus for their feud, with Aaron trying to adopt the kid behind David’s back and David feeling completely betrayed. As a result, it’s up to Chloe to reconcile the two by persuading her brother to make peace. Aaron takes some convincing, but eventually accepts that she is correct, and sets off with his tail between his legs to find his other half.

But, when he does so, he discovers something shocking: David has been telling Dean about their marriage secrets. Aaron is naturally enraged and will not accept any of David’s apologies. He even refuses to go on the excursion that the entire street has planned. David swears he’ll never confide in Dean again, but the increasing stress in their relationship drives him over the edge, and he seeks Dean’s advice…and comfort. Aaron appears to have been correct all along.

Zara on the verge of committing suicide?

Zara is blamed for the fire that rages through the school, potentially killing Mackenzie and Hendrix. She’s got a reputation for being a tyrant, and everyone knows how she’s been, but would she do something so disastrous? She maintains her innocence, but in attempting to defend herself, she manages to exacerbate the situation, and she now has no one on her side. She does, however, know who is behind it: Sadie and Aubrey. Aubrey is in charge and pressuring Sadie to remain silent, which means Zara is the one who has to bear the brunt of the blame. It all becomes too much for her, and she realises she has no choice but to leave Amy and Toadie a note stating that she believes they are better off without her. They form a search team, but things aren’t looking good — will they be able to locate her in time?

Kyle and Roxy are thinking about starting a family

Roxy and Kyle start thinking about the future now that their wedding is over — they want to have a family, and why wait? Roxy gets to work on her preparations right away, determined not to waste any time. Terese, on the other hand, feels their strategy is a little crazy. She informs the couple that they are on the verge of having a child. Is she making a valid point?

Paul and David reconcile their differences

Paul is lonely and unloved since Terese and David aren’t paying attention to him. Harlow despises seeing him upset and resolves to intervene, persuading David to contact him and pay him a visit. It works, and David gets to spend some quality time with his father. The unexpected interaction gives Paul optimism that his connection with his son will improve.

What’s the matter with Glen?

Glen wins a trip away, but he seemed unconcerned about it. Glen tries to gather a crowd in order to make people interested about it. Terese notices that his behaviour is strange. But what really is his problem?

Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, February 28.


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