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“There were tears”: Kylie Minogue’s emotional post after Neighbours finale rumours were finally debunked

We know why she hardly said anything in the climactic episode.

Kylie Minogue admitted that as she was filming and watching the tearjerking Neighbours climax, “there were tears.”
For the 90-minute finale special episode, which marked the soap’s 37-year run as Charlene Robinson, Australia’s pop princess reprised the role that launched her career.
Kylie said the programme will always hold a special place in her heart as she thought back on the finale and all the years of TV leading up to it.

Along with a collage of images from her appearances on the programme in the 1980s and her return for the finale, she admitted, “Yep, there were tears!”
“Congratulations to the @neighbors team for the joyful and uplifting conclusion. You have a permanent place in my heart!
Jason Donovan, who portrayed Charlene’s on-screen love interest and future spouse Scott Robinson, was also mentioned by the coaster.
For the finale, the actors joined other returning cast members on the soap opera, including Guy Pearce as Mike Young.


But when Kylie said only five lines in the episode, viewers were left perplexed, leading some to speculate that Neighbours “couldn’t afford” to employ her for a speaking role.
Some joked that the music icon’s silence was caused by her accent becoming “too British” after moving to the UK, while others speculated that she may have been on vocal rest.
Currently, the real reason is far more endearing, according to creator Jason Herbison, who spoke to TV Tonight.

He told the magazine, “Our conversations with Jason and Kylie were always about making a tiny presence.
They didn’t want to make the finale about them or overwhelm the current cast.
Additionally, we shot their scenes before I had finished writing the episode, so anything we captured had to work with that.
Fans noticed this fact since Guy Pearce was one of the few characters to appear on-screen alongside Kylie and Jason.

Additionally, when Jason and Kylie appeared on a balcony close by at the episode’s conclusion, their sequences were visibly filmed away from the main Ramsay Street celebration.
“I hate to see Kylie receiving any criticism Because she was nothing short of outstanding on the day,” said Jason, the head of Neighbors.
It appears that the enigma surrounding the Neighbours has been resolved!


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