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This week in Erinsborough and Summer Bay…

Neighbours: David is furious with Aaron

Monday: David is enraged by Aaron’s jealous attack on Dean, and Aaron is sceptical of David’s continued friendship with his colleague. Levi refocuses on finding Gareth, but things quickly become unpleasant when he finds Freya acting strangely… flirtatiously strange.

Tuesday: Ned takes Harlow on a stakeout to see if they can find Gareth after Levi receives a police tip. Roxy is ecstatic about the upcoming Montana Marcel’s Fashion Week pitch. When Paul learns that Terese’s lawyer is chasing his assets, he is taken aback.

Wednesday: Levi is adamant that Freya isn’t a stalker, but he’s nervous as the party heads to River Bend. Dean notices David’s dissatisfaction with the state of his marriage. After the school fire, Amy and Zara gradually rekindle their friendship and encourage one another.

Thursday: It’s episode 8,800 today, and Nicolette is enamoured with Kiri and ready to unwind, so she dives headfirst into her holiday romance. In the meantime, Levi tells Freya about Ned and Harlow’s altercation with Gareth. Levi is alone in the bush, reeling from his meeting with Freya.

Friday: The terror in River Bend is only getting started. Hearing gunfire, the party scrambles to find Levi and Freya, who is confronted by Gareth. She is completely unaware of what he has done to Levi. Who will make it through this dreadful holiday?

Monday through Friday, 1.45 p.m. and 5.30 p.m., Neighbours

Home and Away: Irene is frazzled

Monday: Mia and Cash are embroiled in a high-speed chase. Ari is willing to go to any length to keep his family safe. Ryder manages to stay in the coffin for the entire five hours, but is aid on the way? Martha’s last-minute decision causes consternation in the Stewart household.

Tuesday: Night has fallen on Theo and Ryder, who are in peril. At the hospital, tensions are high. Ari gets chastised by Mia for his admission. The Parata family is distraught. Cash is helpless in the face of a man he believes is innocent. Roo is given an explanation by Martha.

Wednesday: In the hospital, Justin and Alf’s fight becomes more heated. Ryder’s future is still up in the air. Mia’s frayed nerves reveal her sensitivity to Tane. Nikau directs his rage onto Chloe. Tane saves Chloe from a problem. Tane seeks comfort from Felicity and declares martial law over his household.

Thursday is a new day for Logan and Mackenzie. Nikau unleashes his fury on Bella. When Chloe phones to say she won’t be at work, Irene becomes agitated. Ari’s confession is revealed by Bella to Ziggy and Dean. Felicity contacts Ziggy to express her dissatisfaction with Tane’s treatment of her.

Friday is a worn-out day. Logan rekindles his relationship with a strange woman. When Ziggy notices an indiscretion, he seeks Dean’s assistance. Logan tries to explain what’s going on to Mackenzie. Irene expresses her heartfelt sympathy to Chloe. John inquires about Martha with Alf. Bella comforts a tearful Chloe.

Channel 5’s Home and Away airs Monday through Friday at 1.15 p.m.


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