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When did Neighbours start, and how many episodes are there?

The classic Australian soap Neighbours is being cancelled by Channel 5. Sob.

The dramas of the residents of Ramsay Street will end in June 2022, after producers Fremantle Media were unable to find a new home for the long-running show.

Fans are understandably upset, but with nearly four decades on the air, Neighbours has had a stellar career.

It also leaves an enduring legacy: iconic characters, a memorable theme song, and a slew of performers whose careers it helped establish. To name a few examples? Liam Hemsworth, Kylie Minogue, and Margot Robbie

But when did excellent Neighbours and the British public become such good friends?

The first episode of the show aired on this date.

When was the first episode of Neighbours aired?

Neighbours premiered on the Seven Network in Australia on March 18, 1985, with the pilot episode.

They famously cancelled the show after only one season, but it was snatched up by Network 10 and became a great hit.

It premiered on BBC One in the United Kingdom 18 months after its first release. The year was 1986, and the date was October 27th.

Neighbours lasted with the BBC for the majority of its career, until it was relocated to Channel 5 in 2008.

Unfortunately, Neighbours relied on Channel 5 for funding, making the decision to cancel the show an even larger blow – eventually leading to the show’s cancellation.

What is the total number of episodes of Neighbours?

Neighbours is Australia’s longest-running drama television series, having aired for 37 years.

In that time, Neighbours has nearly reached the 9,000-episode mark.

The official Neighbours Twitter account confirmed the amount when it shared the sad news of the show’s cancellation.

The account went on to say, ‘We vow to end the show on an unbelievable high.’ ‘We know this is a big disappointment to our amazing, dedicated fans, as it is to all of us on the team.’


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