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Who is Freya Wozniak in Neighbours and who plays her?

Since her Neighbours debut earlier this month, Freya Wozniak has created quite a stir.

Upon her arrival on Ramsay Street, the mystery newcomer wasted no time in clashing with the law, as she regularly visited the site of the Flamingo Bar disaster, where Britney Barnes (Montana Cox) died.

When she grabbed a scarf from the remnants of the bar, Levi Canning (Ritchie Morris) caught her in the act and demanded to know what she was up to.

But, as Sheila Canning (Collette Mann) began to matchmake, the chance meeting turned into a potential romance.

Freya, on the other hand, is definitely on a covert mission, claiming to be looking for her missing cousin.

It remains to be seen whether or if this is the case, but it’s safe to say that this mystery is only just getting started.

What is Freya up to these days?

In Neighbours, who is Freya and what is she up to?

The exact motivations of Freya are unclear.

She arrived in Erinsborough shortly after Britney’s death in the storm turmoil.

After seeing him wearing it in a photo from Kyle (Chris Milligan) and Roxy Willis’ (Zima Anderson) wedding, the newcomer stole a scarf from the scene of the tragedy and asked Ned Willis (Ben Hall) if he knew who it belonged to.

Freya claimed that the object in question belonged to her cousin.

She was later seen in possession of a photograph of a man who is thought to be her’missing’ cousin in subsequent scenes.

Is Freya, on the other hand, being completely honest about her motivations for keeping the scarf?

We don’t think so! In the next scenes, the mystery intensifies as Roxy grows suspicious of Freya and sets out to get answers. How? Of course, by breaking into her flat!

Freya, on the other hand, is a step ahead of the game, and she pushes Roxy to the ground, desperate to keep her secrets hidden.

In Neighbours, who plays Freya?

Phoebe Roberts, who starred in Lie With Me, plays Freya.

When she was cast, she commented, “I am very delighted to be joining the Ramsay St family.”

‘Neighbours is such a significant part of the Australian film and television industry that it’s a dream come true to be a part of something so legendary that’s also so popular in the United Kingdom.’

‘As a kid, I used to tune in to see all of Erinsborough’s drama develop; it’s surreal to suddenly be a part of it!’

‘We were all blown away by Phoebe’s performance in Lie With Me and felt Ramsay Street had to be her next stop,’ said Jason Herbison, Executive Producer of Neighbours and Lie With Me.

‘For her, we’ve built a fascinating character who is complex, intriguing, and a risk taker; she’ll be a lot of fun, and Phoebe has already nailed the job.’

Last year, Phoebe participated in Channel 5’s Lie With Me alongside Brett Tucker, who played Janine Butcher in the BBC One serial, and Charlie Brooks, who played him on EastEnders.

On Channel 5, Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45 p.m. and 6 p.m.


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