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15 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

After the terrible circumstances of his 21st birthday party, Ryder may lose Chloe next week on Home and Away.

Cash promises to interfere in Tane and Felicity’s conflict, while Ari and Mia learn bad news about their family’s future.

Here’s a complete list of the 15 major events coming up.

  1. Ryder is kidnapped by Theo

Chloe enlists the aid of Bella, Nikau, and Theo to prepare Ryder’s surprise 21st birthday party. Chloe worries how she’ll get Ryder to the nightclub location without revealing the surprise after a full afternoon of preparing.

Theo vows to take care of Chloe in this predicament, but his methods aren’t entirely what she expected. The nefarious visitor sneaks up behind Ryder, covers his face with a hood, and stuffs him into the boot of his car.

  1. Ryder’s birthday bash is a flop

Even though it’s revealed to him that it was all part of the surprise party, Ryder is understandably enraged after being abducted by Theo. Chloe is displeased with Ryder’s attitude as he aggressively gives Theo a piece of his mind.

Bella intervenes to point out that Ryder, who was abducted for real only a few months ago, may have been triggered by this. When Ryder refuses to give Theo a break, Chloe is dismayed.

A jealous Ryder gets drunk and starts making a fuss as Chloe spends the evening partying with Theo, even flirting with one of the hostesses to get back at Chloe.

  1. Tane becomes involved in the birthday saga

Tane arrives at the party after receiving information about Ryder’s inebriated behaviour. This irritates Felicity, who doesn’t like Tane showing up to her workplace after their numerous confrontations.

Tane claims that he isn’t there for Felicity, and he intervenes to send Ryder home before things get out of hand.

  1. After the party, Ryder breaches a line

After his inebriated celebration, Ryder spends the night on the Paratas’ sofa. He regrets his actions the next morning as he wakes up drunk. When he learns that Chloe ran off with Theo after the club turmoil, he begins to doubt his relationship with her.

Chloe attends Ryder’s birthday lunch at the Stewart mansion later that day, but the young couple’s tension is palpable. When Ryder eventually breaks and confronts Chloe if she slept with Theo in front of his entire family, she feels humiliated. It’s possible that the couple’s romance is coming to an end.

  1. Justin becomes even more enraged with Theo

Justin overhears Ryder and Theo having a furious argument. Ryder is enraged with Theo for causing a rift between him and Chloe.

Justin is hoping that this recent incident would convince Leah that her nephew is causing her problems, but she continues to protect him.

Even though Leah still wants Theo to move back in with them, she understands when Justin says it’s too soon after Tori, Christian, and Grace’s departure.

  1. The schism between Tane and Felicity widens

Mac continues to back Tane in his fight with Felicity, advising him to take a firm stance with her. When Felicity approaches them when they are together, she attempts to calm them down, but Mac starts a new argument by accusing Felicity of stalking her to her vehicle a few nights before.

Felicity is perplexed by the accusation, but as things heat up, the enmity between her and Tane grows even stronger.

  1. When Cash comes home, he receives some disturbing news

As they return from a romantic holiday together, Cash and Jasmine are in love. When Roo notes that tensions between Felicity and Tane are at an all-time high, they’re swiftly sucked back into the Summer Bay intrigues.

Cash notices Felicity’s anxiety in her eyes following the recent Tane feud as he seeks her down. He instantly resolves to take action to resolve the situation.

  1. Logan makes a major decision

Logan must make a difficult decision as his rescue crew moves farther up the shore. Mackenzie is worried that this will be the end of their relationship, but Logan assures her that there is plenty to keep him occupied in Summer Bay.

Logan thinks Mac would ask him to remain, but she is hesitant because she believes he will miss his adrenaline-fueled lifestyle if he stays in the Bay with her.

Logan, in the end, demonstrates his dedication by leaving the medical unit to focus on his relationship with Mac.

  1. Mac establishes limits with Logan

Logan appears to be full of unspent energy following his recent shift with the emergency response team, which confirms Mac’s suspicions. He attempts to persuade Mackenzie to quit her job, but she’s far too busy at Salt to do it on the spur of the moment.

Logan maintains in his attempts to take Mac on a vacation, but she refuses. Mac points out that she has previously given up everything for men, but she refuses to put her business’s success before of her personal life. Logan’s support for her decision makes her happy.

  1. Logan is offered a new job

Mac confides in Logan about how she feels obligated to keep him occupied now that he is unemployed. She’s worried that after the thrill of his rescue missions, life in the Bay would be too slow for him.

Logan may find the diversion he requires later when he accepts a new position at the Northern Districts Hospital.

  1. Ari and Mia discuss their future plans

Ari and Mia are still buzzing from their gym purchase. Mia and Tane meet to discuss the company’s future goals, but Ari is dismayed to learn that he has nothing to contribute. He rapidly realises that the gym is more of Mia and Tane’s idea than his.

When given the opportunity to think about the future, Ari offers that he be the hands-on parent at home while Mia works on the new enterprise.

  1. Ari and Mia get some awful news

Ari and Mia get a status report on their adoption application, but it’s not what they expected.

The couple is informed that they have been turned down by the agency. Ari blames his criminal past, so there are no rewards for guessing why.

  1. Jai is back in Summer Bay

Ziggy arranges for Jai to pay Dean a visit, hoping that this would encourage him to keep working on his recovery. Dean is overjoyed to see Jai again, and the father-son combination gets along swimmingly, but things go bad when Ziggy attempts to join in the fun as well.

Jai is very chilly towards Ziggy, which hurts her when she hears the child query Dean about why she needs to be there.

  1. Ziggy is attempting to defeat Jai

Ziggy is wary about spending time with Jai, fearful that he despises her. When it’s discovered that Amber didn’t bother to notify him that Dean and Ziggy were back together, Jai’s rage is somewhat justified.

Mac tells Ziggy that she isn’t Jai’s mother, so he’s entitled to be wary of her. For the first time, Ziggy begins to understand Jai’s perspective.

Ziggy dedicates herself to winning over Jai, who begins to see how important she is to his father.

  1. Martha is having second thoughts about the situation

Martha is concerned about last-minute problems with the fundraising event, especially when they are unable to add another table at the last minute.

With only a few hours to the celebration, Roo and Alf are surprised to read a message from Martha informing them that she would not be attending.


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