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Neighbours spoilers: True reason for Glen’s return revealed

Since his comeback in Neighbours, Glen (Richard Huggett) has been the subject of much speculation. What is it that he desires? Why is he attempting to split Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) and Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis)?

The question remains unanswered, but everything is about to change.

Though Paul felt he was making progress in his efforts to reclaim Terese, the sight of her without her wedding ring tells him otherwise. He approaches her, expecting her to tell him to go lost, but instead she admits she had a nervous breakdown at the conference. This was his initial thinking. When he lets his anxieties go, he realises there’s a way to make this work for him.

Terese, on the other hand, accepts his new ring and is overjoyed. It’s a step forward in the right direction. Glen, on the other hand, is in a state of shock. His attempts to separate them have failed, and he tries to persuade Terese that she is making a major mistake. He tries to persuade her that she is better than falling prey to Paul’s deception.

Later, Paul was devastated to learn of Glen’s attempts to sabotage their reunion by interfering with Terese’s decision.

When Paul realises Glen’s true motivation for returning to town, he will be even more furious. He goes on the warpath, enraged by this turn of events. Will a distressed Paul hear the voice of reason? Leo (Tim Kano) and David (Takaya Honda) try to get Paul to see sense and talk to Glen before doing something he’ll regret, but will a distressed Paul listen?


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