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Home and Away reveals first look at UK finale in 10 spoiler pictures

On Monday, November 22nd, you’ll be able to see the whole collection of photographs showcasing what’s coming up on UK screens.

Monday, November 22:

Finally, the night of Martha’s fundraiser arrives. Martha went AWOL because she wasn’t sure she could handle the big event, so it’s been a nervous few hours. Thankfully, Alf found Martha just in time for her to make it to the event and deliver her speech on time.

Among the attendees at the fundraiser is a celebrity. Sam Mac, an Australian television presenter, brings a touch of VIP excitement to Martha’s meticulously prepared affair.

Martha had a hard time delivering her remarks. When Martha stumbles over her words and freezes, Alf comes in to provide his support and help Martha get through the difficult situation.

The great unveiling of Martha’s artwork takes place. Martha has been working on a piece of artwork with a mental health subject for the past several days.

The painting is lovingly displayed by Martha and Alf. As Martha’s hard work is revealed, it’s a poignant moment.

Martha’s efforts are lauded by Alf. He is ecstatic with his wife’s contribution to a mental health organisation, which has raised thousands of dollars.

Sam Mac enters the stage for the first time. The massive check is given out, displaying Martha’s grand sum.

The event was a resounding success. Thanks to Martha’s and the other artists’ efforts, $48,000 has been raised.

At Salt, everyone is in a good mood. However, things have gone horribly wrong at the gym, where Tane’s stalker has drugged his drink, rendering him comatose. The unidentified assailant then instals a chemical sprayer in the vicinity of Tane.

Before calamity hits, Marilyn delivers a round of applause. Toxic vapours begin to infiltrate Salt through the gym’s vents, putting life at risk. Will everyone make it out alive? Fans in the United Kingdom will have to wait until January to find out, as this is the final programme on Channel 5.


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