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Home and Away’s Marilyn rushed to hospital again after pushing her friends away

Marilyn Chambers of Home and Away is due to have another terrifying health setback in the coming weeks, as the Summer Bay resident falls.

Marilyn has been acting out of character since she was chemically poisoned during the gas assault on Salt, but as she continues to push away people closest to her, Marilyn risks putting her life in jeopardy.

Marilyn’s most recent setback occurs when she runs across Dr Logan Bennett, against whom she has filed a formal complaint.

Marilyn then fights with Irene Roberts, who attempts to remind her friend that she wanted Logan involved in her rehabilitation in the first place when she refuses to listen to his explanation that he’s simply trying to assist her.

Emily Symons, who plays Marilyn, told TV Week, “Marilyn becomes so enraged with Irene.”

“She has no idea she’s upsetting others, and that’s when people realise something is seriously wrong with her since this is so out of character for her.”

Marilyn comes to the Diner later to explain herself, hoping to mend fences with Irene. Things take a scary turn when Marilyn loses sensation in her legs and falls as the two begin to dispute once again.

Marilyn is taken to the hospital by ambulance, and Irene is scared that she may lose her friend for ever. Will Marilyn be alright?

Emily Symons recently admitted that portraying Marilyn in such a different light has been “the most hardest thing” she’s had to do since joining the series.

“It’s a completely different Marilyn,” she told TV Week in October, “which has been incredibly difficult to portray since she’s second nature to me now.”

“Having to build a new [version of the] character all of a sudden… certain days I was like, ‘I can’t say that – it’s so nasty.’ But I needed to go there in order for the plot to function.”


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