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Home & Away star’s shock exit!


Fans of Home & Away will be disappointed to learn that a frequent Summer Bay resident may be packing their belongings and departing the soap for good.

Since his co-star Georgie Parker (Roo Stewart) uploaded a telling on-set snapshot to her Instagram account, rumours that Lukas Radovich (who portrays Ryder Jackson on the show) is quitting H&A have been circulating.

Some of the actors and crew may be seen behind a sign that looks to read ‘Bon Voyage,’ with balloons perched in the corner, according to Back to the Bay.

Lukas Radovich emerges in the centre of the frame, leading admirers to believe that his time in Summer Bay is coming to an end.

Furthermore, the 26-year-old has officially concluded filming, according to the Home and Away Spoilers & Discussions Facebook page, albeit this isn’t the last we’ll see of him.

“It has been verified that Lukas Radovich (Ryder) has ceased filming last Friday,” a member posted in the group on December 1st. “He will still be on our TVs till May/June 2022 (Australia).”

Ryder was left buried alive following a prank gone awry in the Home & Away season finale, and his fate was left as a cliff-hanger for next season.

Lukas told The Daily Telegraph that he wouldn’t call the filming experience “terrible,” but he’ll never forget it.

“I started to worry out,” he admitted, “but it was also kind of amusing since this is the third time Ryder has been in this circumstance.”

“He was abducted from his 21st birthday and thrown into a vehicle boot the first time he was caught in a tunnel collapse. The second time he was taken from his 21st birthday and shoved into a car boot. Now there’s this coffin, so it appears like there’s a pattern.”

However, if the actor is departing the programme, he held his cards close to his breast, telling the outlet, “Hopefully‚Ķ it’s not the end for Ryder.”


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